Right to Protein event at Bangalore

The First Right to Protein Event was conducted at Bangalore Hilton Grand Ballroom, Embassy Manyata Business Park, Hebbal, Bangalore on 21st October 2022.  Over 180 participants attended the event which includes stakeholders, beneficiaries from the feed industry, aqua Industry, animal health, veterinarians, poultry science students, food technology, government officials, and media journalists. The event was supported by The Institution of Veterinarians in Poultry Industry (IVPI), Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association (KVAFSU-KPFBA), Central Poultry Development Organisation and Training Institute  & Diagnostic Laboratory Veterinary College Campus, Hebbal, Bengaluru. 

Esteemed speakers from the industry spoke at the event and highlighted key aspects of protein. Key highlights from each speaker are as below –

Mr. Jaison John, Team Lead, USSEC, Introduced The Right To Protein event. “Protein should be an essential part of our food, and USSEC’s vision is to feed the world with economically feasible and sustainable food. India’s livestock industry is transforming with positive macroeconomic and demographic trends. It is very important to educate the consumers and decision-makers to enable the country to have an adequate amount of protein”.

Prof G. Devegowda, Chairman of IVPA, introduced everyone to the theme of the event and mentioned the importance of protein, the Importance of animal-origin proteins for human health, highlighted data on growth in production and efficiency over decades, shared the optimism of the industry, reflected in a CAGR of 7.5% this year, emphasized the importance and availability of Animal protein in today’s time.

Dr. Kavita Reddy, a Ph.D. from CFTRI (Mysore) in Food Science, spoke on ‘Protein: A Vital Nutrient’ macro picture and role of Protein in our life, the Importance of protein in our life and how it influences our health, the imbalance created in our body as a result of a lack of proteins, adequate protein consumption helps humans maintain gut health, how does feed affects the animal foods we eat and why it’s essential for feed to be of good quality, how soy feed can help increase the quality of animal/poultry foods we consume. ‘Soy Fed Label’ India’s first feed label, is being adopted by any processor to spread awareness of high-quality feed protein consumption. 

Ms. Deepika Chalasani dietitian and nutritionist specializing in Clinical Nutrition with, Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition, spoke about the current scenario on India’s protein deficiency, the importance of protein, busted myths around plant protein, the importance of soy products as a source of plant protein, the importance of plant protein and vegan protein availability in our country, especially Soy milk, Tofu, etc.  She recommended individuals maintain a healthy balance between plant-based and animal-based protein consumption, shared her personal experience of overcoming obesity and which helps her solve issues of individuals with similar problems. 

Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Nutritionist & Dietician, Prof & Head, UAS (University Of Agriculture Sciences), Bengaluru told about the importance of Micro Protein, and how can microproteins be added to one’s diet.

Mr. OP Singh, Managing Director, HUVEPHARMA SEA, Pune emphasized an inclusive growth model for sustainable proteins importance of the role of the protein industry in making protein availability sustainable, awareness of plant protein in Tier 2 and tier 3 markets is crucial for increasing protein acceptance in India and Poultry would be a major source of protein after 10 years.