Phytogold: An opportunity for sustainable resistance free poultry production

Antibiotic-free poultry production has been a burning topic these days. Invention of antibiotic was done almost 100 years ago and constant research & development has brought new molecule into picture. Over the decades, human have experienced the use of antibiotics in lower doses to prevent the diseases and better growth of animals. According to World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, but misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals accelerates the process.Antimicrobial resistance can impact both animals as well as humans.

From a regulatory standpoint, many countries across the globe have introduced policies regarding AGP due to antimicrobial resistance concerns.

Hence, the use of antibiotics is banned in animal feed in many countries as growth promoters due to apprehensionsofdeveloping antimicrobial resistance. While antibiotic usage is in process to be removed or significantly reduced in poultry production. But antibiotics are allowed to be used on veterinarian prescription for sick birds or during disease outbreak condition.

By restricting antibiotics in poultry production, many brands have come up by highlighting “antibiotic free chicken and eggs”.Some countries still use antibiotics at lower levels with the intent to support poultry growth. However, if producers from these countries are exporting to markets with reduced antibiotic use/“no antibiotics ever” production policies, then they must meet those specific criteria. Beside consumer’s concern about antibiotic resistance, poultry producers have following aims by removal/ restricting of antibiotics growth promoters in poultry feed:

  1. Ensuring good intestinal health in poultry
  2. To optimize growth performance& immunity
  3. Producing safe and healthy food for the growingpopulation.

Typically, in antibiotic-reduced or antibiotic-free poultry production programs, a combination of non-antibiotic additives is included in the feed or water as alternatives to antibiotics.

Phytogold is a next generation, advance Phytogenic solution empowered with QSI for poultry. Phytogold boosts the bird’s performance in four ways.

Phytogold is principally a unique combination of Phytogenic compounds extracted from Eucalyptus oil, Clove oil, Camphor oil and Oregano oil which provides the benefits of antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and relief from respiratory distress.

Antibacterial activity is QSI empowered. Quorum-sensing allows individual bacteria within colonies to coordinate and carry out colony-wide functions such as: sporulation, bioluminescence, virulence, conjugation, competence, and biofilm formation. Quorum sensing regulates the metabolic activity of planktonic cells, and it can induce microbial biofilm formation and increased virulence. Phytogold inhibits various steps of quorum sensing by inhibiting, release and recognition of biochemical substances produced by bacteria.

Phytogold contains a blend of organic acid, acting as feed acidifier. Which helps in regulating gut pH, reduces bacterial load in gut, strengthens alveoli function in improves nutrient absorption. Phytogold also improved secretion of digestive enzymes and helps for better digestion and absorption of nutrients in birds.

Curcuminated mineral complex (with Cu & Zn) enables Phytogold to improve immune cell response and prevents from cytokine storm in chicken. This combination enhances antiviral activity in body.

Cinnamon extract and Xanthophyll in Phytogold supports chicken to improve stress level, growth and production. Phytogold helps in improved pigmentation of shank and body in broilers and golden yellow colour of yolk.