Kasturi Poultry Farms– The Rising Star of the south!

Kasturi  Group led by young and dynamic Mr Pradeep since 1997. He was initiated very early into the Poultry as a farmer family. His father is a respected Farmer with accreditation from Indian Council of Agriculture Research for Innovation in Drip Irrigation for the Cultivation of Rice. By Qualification Mr Pradeep Kumar is an Mechanical Engineer. Innovation is in his DNA and so did several innovative farbrication in Poultry House Construction, Production of Egg Trays, Fully fabricated  Hatching machines, all poultry equipments that needed to run the farms efficiently.

Right now he is a successful Cobb breeder since 2010 and makes his own 12,000 MT of feed for his ownIntegration.. Kasturi also invested heavily in most modern Pas Reform machines, one of the secrets of his excellent quality premium chicks that he is reputed and known in the market. Mr Pradeep believes in the best and never compromises when it comes to quality input in his business. He also out sources the best in procurement even if it means importing from across the ocean. He also runs a successful “Activcarb” production plant producing Activated Carbon used in various industries including Poultry as a chemical toxin solution. Activecarb has a good demand in international market.

Mr Pradeep feels that the Poultry in India has a huge potential that still needs to be exploited and is in favour of use of Technology to keep abreast with the rest of the world.

Mr Pradeep is of the opinion that the challenges in Poultry  because of multiple factors and needs holistic approach to achieve the desired results. The band width of a quality producer who grows slaughters and sells in his own brand name to the small farmer with most basic infrastructure with lot of constraints. It becomes difficult when in the market both tend to treated equally.

Food safety, sustainability and efficiency is of utmost importance. The role of government is immense in the growth of poultry. The legislation more often than not is anti-farmer for various cock-eyed reasons. Taxation, legislation, permissions, licenses, import impediments all cause big hurdle that can crush and stunt a farmer.

Unity is a big challenge with in our industry as each one has his own interest and that can affect the other adversely.

Food business is for ever but the players that don’t keep up with changing times will be the ones will make way for the new ones!