In Conversation with Dr. Ramdas S. Kambale

  1. Can you tell us about GLOCREST Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd and its mission in the pharmaceutical industry?
    • GLOCREST has started with passion & purpose. As the name suggest, we want to glow at the top of the pyramid. GLOCREST is a global animal health venture of Krishna group – the poultry & agricultural conglomerate. GLOCREST is a fast-growing animal health & nutraceutical brand with a focus on developing & manufacturing high quality animal health & nutrition products.
    • GLOCREST mission is to provide the safest & highest quality nutrition to our customers, and always exceed their expectations.
  2. As the CEO of GLOCREST Pharmaceutical, what strategies have you implemented to ensure the company’s growth and success?
    • I am happy and proud to be the CEO of GLOCREST along with board of directors of the company. Our theme is ‘Innovation for a better life. In that context, we introduced many management strategies like developing new innovative product keeping market needs in mind.
    • Lead by example: When you are starting a new organization, it will pass through various challenges and the role of CEO becomes more challenging. Most of the activities lead by me to set an example so that it becomes seeing is believing for my team. Be focused, be consistent & follow up every detail. Hired & developed managers who can energize, excite & control
  3. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving. How does GLOCREST Pharmaceutical stay ahead of the competition and adapt to emerging trends and technologies?
    • Change is constant in animal health industry. Therefore, you need to change in terms of your products design/ packing etc. Most important Indian mindset is inclined towards either European or US molecules. Those are real emerging trends in our industry. We are seriously working towards those objectives and very soon customers will be benefited from those trends. Eventually, my personal reputation in the industry is like ‘concept selling man. With GLORCEST also some concepts will be evolved.
  4. GLOCREST Pharmaceutical is known for its commitment to research and development. Could you share some examples of innovative products or solutions the company has introduced?
    • As I mentioned earlier, our theme is ‘Innovation for a better health’. We introduced manageable innovations in all our products. Most of our products are being tried and tested in our own farm cum research center.  Curcumin extract as an anti-coccidial along with regular anti-coccidial ingredients is one of the innovations we have done in our products & results are inevitable.
  5. Quality control and regulatory compliance are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. How does GLOCREST Pharmaceutical maintain high-quality standards and ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines?
    • Our products are being manufactured in ISO certified plants. Big & experienced team of R&D is involved in designing & producing our products formulations. So, there is no complaint as such with any of our products. Rather, we got various repeat customers to ensure our products quality
  6. Collaboration and partnerships play a significant role in the pharmaceutical sector. How does GLOCREST Pharmaceutical foster collaborations with other organizations to drive innovation and achieve mutual goals?
    • Collaboration is part and parcel of pharma industry. We have collaborated with various research institutes which includes government & private too. Those institutes will be used as our data generators which will in turn beneficial to our industry. Subsequently, those institutes will be mutually beneficial as name & fame.
  7. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the healthcare industry. How has GLOCREST Pharmaceutical responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic, and what initiatives has the company undertaken to contribute to public health?
    • Covid-19 has paralyzed the industry in terms of growth and consumption. However, we have started in 2022 when the impact of Covid-19 was fading away. I would say, we had a narrow escape. But other disease challenges are still prevailing. 
  8. As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, what do you envision for the future of GLOCREST Pharmaceutical? Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that you can share with us?
    • Of course, we have so many innovative products under pipeline. As one of the well-establishedleaders in our industry, GLOCREST wants to be a supplier of choice in this segment as a future of our company
  9. Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring professionals who want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in leadership roles?
    • Chase your dreams with open eyes. Then only one can become a successful leader. Always be a learner because learning is ever lasting process. Be a kind human being. Always owe to society