Technical Seminar by Sandhu Feeds

A Poultry Technical Seminar was organized by Sandhu Feeds, Saini Feed Store & Vetsafe Bioscience on 25 February 2022. This seminar was organized to discuss Broiler Farming, Management & Disease prevention. Dr. Manoj Dhama suggested farmers use the All In All Out system in broiler farming to avoid disease outbreaks from various flocks. He advised farmers to use good quality litter as rice foggers in his broiler farming to get more profit. He told farmers to use 300 gm pre-starter feed, 1200 gm starter feed and then finisher feeds up to marketing. He advised farmers to use Sandhu Feed to get good FCR and better profitability. He told farmers to use good quality water sanitizer on his broiler farm to make free their flock from E-Coli and other diseases. Dr. Dhama asked farmers to give suggested temperatures and space to birds for better FCR and profitability. Mr. Joney Saini requested Dr. Dhama to make arrangements to organize such types of technical seminars from time to time so that farmers get quality technical guidelines and information from your thoughts. In this seminar, many farmers asked poultry-related questions and at the end, Dr. Manoj Dhama gave the vote of thanks and invite farmers for refreshments.