Tara Enterprises had their Telangana Field Officials’ Family Get Together

Tara Enterprises ( The largest Veterinary Distribution House in India ) had their Telangana Field Officials’  Family Get Together on Sunday, the 16th October 2022 at Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport , Hyderabad. The event started sharp at 10.30 am with Ganesh Vandana and Lamp Lighting by Mr. D. S. Subramaniam’s Family members including his mother, his wife, his uncle and aunts . The welcome address to the august gathering by Mr. D. S. Subramaniam was crisp and short . He explained 27 years of his Tara Group’s journey with many ups and downs continuing till date and also his 42 years long journey in Animal Health Sector of India . His golden statement was HAVING COMPLETED 42 YEARS OF SERVICE IN ANIMAL HEALTH INDUSTRY , I AM STILL NOT TIRED ”. Other prominent and distinguished guests were Mr. T. Natesan, Managing Director, Virbac India, Dr. V. K. Shankar, CEO, Globion,  Dr. Ashok Kumar  Commercial Manager, South East Asia and South Asia, Idexx Labs, Dr. Pankaj Lohan, Vice President, Vvaan, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Malhotra, Managing Director, Interface, Mr. Sharath Babu, Additional Commissioner of Police ( Retired ), Hyderabad, Mr. Davinder Singh Dhanjal ( Dolly ) – Mr. Subramaniam’s college mate from Ladakh, Mr. Surender Nagpal – Mr. Subramaniam’s classmate from Delhi.

Mr .T. Natesan, Managing Director, Virbac in his speech clearly mentioned as to how he was inspired by Mr Subramaniam in the year 1988 while working in the field in Namakkal area.  Mr Subramaniam was the Area Manager those days for Glaxo Animal Health for the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  Mr Natesan, those days used to work as a Poultry Feed Representative for Deejay Feeds at Namakkal. One day in the year 1988 when Mr Natesan coincidentally saw Mr Subramaniam and his local Namakkal colleague at a stockist’s place , he, then and there itself decided that he will make his career in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Industry only . He got a chance into the Glaxo Animal Health as a Veterinary sales Representative which at a later date went on becoming Virbac Animal Health .   Mr T .  Natesan now is the Managing Director of Virbac Animal Health , India which has got a turnover of above 1000 crores and a staff strength of above 1200 people in India . Before becoming Managing Director of India Mr. T. Natesan  worked in various capacities for 20 years in Glaxo / Virbac  in South East Asia, Taiwan and Korea . His abroad assignments were for almost for nine and a half years .  

Dr .V. K .Shankar , CEO , Globion India Pvt. Ltd. ( a 100% subsidiary of Suguna Holdings Pvt Ltd. ) in his address specifically touched hard work and integrity of Field Officials.  He emphasized that all the field officials with their sheer hard work and integrity will be definitely successful in life. He explained all the attendees about his tenure with big multinationals like Pfizer , Bayer etc . Also , he discussed his Bayer , Germany tenure with regard to his launching Novel immunostimulants for chicken and beef cattle for US market and how he led the registration for clinical trials in various markets across the globe specially in Asia , Latin America , South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

Dr .V. Ashok Kumar , Regional Commercial Manager , South East Asia and South Asia , Idexx Laboratoies Pvt. Ltd.  explained as to how he used to work in deep interior Districts of Telangana on scooters while he was medical representative of Sarabhai Chemicals.  . He clearly said that there is no substitute for field work .  He remembered having met Mr Subramaniam many times as a representative in early 1980s in Telangana Districts. He said that he knows Mr.Subramaniam for 40 years now. He also gave lot of emphasis on field work and integrity. All the Field officials were present in the event from morning till evening along with their wives and children.

The gist of most of the speakers ,  was that the erstwhile representatives of respective companies had better growth prospects leading them into managerial positions. This was due to their honesty, sincerity, hard work and dedication towards their profession .  However, they expressed their pain and agony towards today’s scenario that presently some of them are running parallel business in the names of their relatives which is very harmful to Veterinary Industry .  They have hence advised to curb such unethical practices and stay loyal to their companies and grow within their company respectfully.

It was a nonstop entertainment for more than 12 hours including classical dances, Tambola Games, Magic Shows, Virtual Games, Mehendi , Bangles for ladies, lot of songs (film songs) and dances by children, ladies and one and all. The special attraction was the photo booth wherein every family was given two photo frames, one for the wife and husband and the other one for their family members. Every family carried these photo frames back to their homes. All the attendees carried back with many gifts. In the evening it was an excellent cocktail and dinner with a musical event for the male members and every one enjoyed the party with total satisfaction. Finally, this wonderful event was ended with gaiety and it was like a big Diwali Carnival and the entire credit goes to Mr D.S. Subramaniam and his five members team namely Vasantha Lakshmi , Vijaya Durga , Chandrasekhar, Nagesh and Suresh Kumar .