Successful completion of “3rd Vets In Poultry (VIP) AGM” at Goa, Sunday, 24th Oct 2021.

Vets In Poultry (VIP) is a 950+ Veterinary doctors’ association working in various fields of poultry businesses, government, research, strategy makers, Sciencetist etc spread over all India & overseas, implementing various social activities. VIP is a registered association under charity commissioner office Pune. On behalf of this organisation, 3rd Vets In Poultry (VIP) AGM” at Goa, Sunday, 24th Oct 2021 with Theme: The Era of New Normal- Scenario In Poultry & Role of Veterinarian. More than 135+ VIPians participated across India and overseas.

With permission of President, Dr Ajay Deshpande, Dr Santosh Ire, Secretary of VIP shared all minutes of last AGM and new resolutions to be considered along with Dr Prasad Kulkarni, Treasurer who shared all Financials. Closing remark and conclusion given by President.

Highlight of the meet was special guest from Goverment of India: Dr SK Dutta, Joint Commissioner, AH, New Delhi and Dr Lipi, Assistance Commissioner, AH, New Delhi. Team VIP give a warm welcome to both.

VIP done major work on Bird Flu amendment draft. Dr Ajay Deshpande explain more details, supporting & insights of draft with august gathering and GOI authorities.

Dr Lipi, presented on behalf of GOI & explain their new schemes for benefits of poultry and veterinary filed. She had give all details about website and procedure to apply with necessary links.

Dr S K Dutta, added icing on cake over Dr Lipi’s presentation and given eagle eye view about current status and approach of GOI. He offer welcome gesture and assured all kind of support from his end.

This session followed by heart of event: The Expert Panel Discussion on The Era of New Normal- Scenario In Poultry & Role of Veterinarian

Eminent speakers, Dr Rukmangadhan, Dr Ravinder Reddy, Dr Jayaraman, Prof Dr Ajit Ranade, Dr Sushant rai deliberate their views on topic with expert vision. The session excellently moderated by Dr PS Mahesh with his unique style. Panel suggested many good topics to be considered by VIP. Some of them are: Amendment in Bird Flu, Pollution Concern, Disease Monitoring Body All India etc. It was one of the best brain storming session.

This year VIP felicitated the contribution and great service by Prof Dr G Devegowda Sir. It was an honour to VIP having him on board from VIP Journey.  

All panelist and guest inaugurated VIP’s 1st ever souvenir and appreciated by all.

Concluding remark and Vote of Thanks delivered by Dr Atul Latkar.

President Dr. Ajay Deshpande, by all the office bearers and volunteers and EC members thanked Participants, Industry Colleagues, Authorities, Sponsors, Media Friends & All supporters for their overwhelming support & contribution.