SRAF Shines in 2023: A Year of Remarkable Achievements and Prestigious Recognitions

  • ‘Most Promising Poultry Company of the Year by WBR Corp UK Limited | “Poultry Business of the Year Award” by Global India Business Forum.
  • Featured in Transformational Indian Leaders List in 2023 curated by World Brand Affairs. | Forbes magazine has featured SR Agro Farms & Proteins in its February 2023 issue

The current scenario of the Indian poultry market indicates a significant growth trajectory. Poultry consumption has been steadily increasing due to various factors such as population growth, urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and changing dietary preferences. Additionally, the demand for poultry products, including eggs and chicken meat, has been reinforced by their affordability, nutritional value, and versatility in cooking.

The Indian poultry market presents significant opportunities for expansion and innovation, driven by changing consumer preferences. With continuous efforts to ensure quality, safety, and sustainability, the poultry sector is poised to witness a positive growth trajectory in the coming years.

The importance of quality protein went up one notch during the pandemic, and this led to a huge demand for high-quality poultry products that are sourced locally. Mr. SR Reddy took the opportunity to invest in the robust technology and equipment that enabled him to streamline all aspects of the production process and maximize efficiency. Mr. SR Reddy: A Pioneer in Poultry Farming and Entrepreneurship, Revolutionizing Bangalore’s Poultry Sector with Locally Sourced High-Quality Products. He took over the business from his father and stepped in his shoes, and the family is into farming from the beginning and rearing poultry, since 1996.

Mr. S Rajesh Reddy is a successful entrepreneur and business personality with over two decades of experience in the poultry farming sector. With his passion for high-quality, locally sourced poultry products, he founded SR Agro Farms & Proteins Pvt in the year 2011. His dedication to sustainability and ethical farming practices has made the company a leading producer of quality poultry products. He believes in the statement that ‘you’re what you eat and that every individual deserves good proteins, and it must be made accessible to them.’ He always envisioned that the poultry sector in agriculture would energize the rural economy. Being a people person, he established close relationships with suppliers and farmers, ensuring the company had the best resources. He says, “It is important to have the ability to think about and plan for the future with a vision to be the change-maker.

SRAF believes in the philosophy of farm-to-table and assures to deliver of farm-fresh meat straight from their farm directly to the consumer. With all the ingredients of success in place, he started a chain of retail stores SR Daily Nutrition to cater to high-quality nutritious poultry products. Plans are in full swing to open 10 retail outlets by the end of 2023. Its first retail outlet is launched in May 2023 in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, and aims to expand its services globally.

Global Recognitions: SRAF’s Success in 2023: A Year of Outstanding Accomplishments and Esteemed Accolades. The organization has proudly received two prestigious awards and garnered recognition in esteemed publications.

  • SRAF Proteins received the “Poultry Business of the Year” from Sri Biswa Bhusan Harichandan, Hon’ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh, during the National Award for Business Excellence & International Business Seminar on 4th February 2023. This award is initiated by Global India Business Forum.
  • SRAF Proteins bagged, ‘Most Promising Poultry Company of the Year: SRAF Proteins Private Limited’ as part of the Asian UK Excellence Awards 2023 by WBR Corp UK Limited, during the Asian UK Business Meet and Awards Dinner at the House of Commons, London, UK on 11 May 2023 along with Leading Personalities and Brands from Asia and UK to celebrate India Week 2023 at the United Kingdom as UK and India reach the closing stages of agreeing a bilateral Free Trade Agreement.
  • The prestigious Forbes magazine has featured SR Agro Farms & Proteins in its February 2023 issue under the Leader Board BUDGET 2023 cover story and published its outstanding achievements in the field of agricultural sciences.
  • Mr. S. Rajesh Reddy, Founder of SR Agro Farms & Proteins Pvt. has been featured in the Transformational Indian Leaders List in 2023 curated by World Brand Affairs. The list includes many big names such as Sudha Murty, Author & Chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO of Paytm, and others. We are sure that they will continue to play a vital role in shaping the future of India.

As a successful entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. S. R Reddy has no looking back. SR’s Daily Nutrition: A Commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability Set to Catapult the Brand to Global Success.
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