Sapience Launched AO-Biotics EQE in Five Cities in India

Sapience in collaboration with BioZyme Inc has successfully completed its launch of AO-Biotics EQE tour recently in five cities, Namakkal, Hyderabad, Midnapur , Chandigarh and where Hospet being the concluding city.

Mr  Prashant Kumar, Director, Sapience Group,  and Dr César Enrique Ocasio Vega, Business Development and Innovation Manager, BioZyme Inc. was the key speaker in all events.

AO-Biotics EQE is the first-and-only AO postbiotic developed specifically for layers, utilizing patent pending technology. Unlike ordinary post biotics,  Ao-biotics EQE starts with biozymes proprietary strength of Aspergillus oryzae. AO is specially fermented into post bioticsto to  results specifics challenges and increase Egg mass more sellable eggs and longer productive life span for layers

The guests at the launch events witnessed, leading veterinarians, consultants, nutritionist and senior members of the industry.

About Sapience:
Sapience established in 2018 with its mission to contribute to ending world hunger by 2050 by making quality protein affordable and accessible to all. The group comprises Sapience South Asia, Sapience Southeast Asia, Sapience Middle East, Sapience Agribusiness Consulting, Sapience Digital and Sapience Design.

Sapience Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is one of Asia’s leading animal health and nutrition companies rooted in deep belief that healthy animals and the corner store to healthy society, sapience is at the forefront of providing natural and sustainable technologies to redefine protein production.

Sapience AC partners with protein producers, veterinarians, and animal science companies to make safe, sustainable, high-quality protein affordable and accessible to all. In addition, the company provides management consulting, strategy formulation, technology assimilation, branding, and go-to-market strategy services to customers globally. The company also imports and markets path-breaking products and services through its strategic association with global MNCs.