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National Chicken Day Report

On the occasion of Padmashri Dr. B.V. Rao’s birthday, 16th November is celebrated as “National Chicken Day”. The meeting was started by lighting the Niranjan Deep and putting a garland in the image of PadmashriDr.B.V.Rao sir photo. On this occasion, President of the Association ShriVasanthkumar declared the “National Chicken Day”celebratoions.   Shri. Sanjay Nalgirkar, Dr. Ajay Deshpande, ShriRajendraThorat and Shri Krishna Charan were also joined him for lighting the Niranjan Deep. 

Technical Seminar

Dr.ChainapureSudhakarMaroti – Gave presentation on Role of gut health and immunity for optimal production and also guide how to prevent and control early chick’s mortality in Progeny through Presentation.

Mr. SharadShyamsundar – Director of Sylon Group gave history of their company and details of the products.   

President Mr.C.Vasanthkumar felicitated Dr.Chairnapure by offering a flower bouquet.

Birthday Celebrations – We celebrate the birthday of 17 members falling between two meetings. In this meeting, we also celebrated our members’ birthdays by cutting a cake and members celebrated birthday were felicitated by giving a rose flower

New Member:

President Mr. C.Vasanthkumarwelcomed new member Mr. SarfrajMomin owner of Huda foods by offering him a flower bouquet to the Association.

Mr. C. Vasanthkumar felicitated to Chicken shop owners.

This traders are declaring the prices keeping consumer in view, giving advantage of reduce farm gate price to the consumer and helping the chicken consumption to go up. They were giving a LED TV which will help them to the chicken promotion videos at their shop to the consumers.

  1. Chitra Chicken centreMr. AlokPardeshi from Sahakar Nagar, Pune.

A.K.PoultryMr.Sarfraj Akbar Shete from Camp, Pune. Photo will follow.

Golden PoultryMr.AmjadShaikh from Fatimanagar, Pune.

Felicitation :

Poultry Farmer & Breeders Association was felicitated for his work with the Association since 2006 to 2022 to President Mr.C.Vasanthkumarby offering Puneri Feta shawl, Garland and “Achievement Award”.  Mr. SajayNalgirgar Felicitated the President Mr. C. Vasanthkumar and citation read by Dr. Ajay Deshpande, ArunPawar, Mr. PandurangSandbhor, Mr. Krishnacharan, Mr. KunalPathare, Dr. KP Kale etc. expressed their gratitude by praising the work of Mr.VasanthKumar. He was assured that he will continued to give the services to Association and the Poultry sector.

Mr. Vasant Kumarwelcomed incoming President Mr. Sanjay Nalgirkar, Secretary Dr. Ajay Deshpande and Treasurer ShriKrishnacharan were felicitated with flower bouquets to all of them.

Shri Sanjay Nalgirkar announced the names of the Executive committee members of the Association.

List as Follows:-

1) President          – Mr. Sanjay Nalgirkar

2) Vice President – Mr.UddhavAhire

3)HonSecretary – Dr.AjayDeshpande

4) Treasurer          – Mr.K.V.KrishnaCharan

Executive Committee Members :-


2) Mr.KunalPathare

3) Mr.VaibhavPawar

4) Mr.Dhananjay Babar

5) Mr.PandurangSandbhor

6) Mr.C.Vasanthkumar (Former President)

7)Mr.Rajendra T. Thorat

Invitees :-


2)Mr.Balaji (Suguna)

3) Mr. Krishna Gangurde

4) Mr. Das (Baramati Agro)



The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. PandurangSandbhor, he thanked President Mr. Vasanthkumar,  Fauna Remedies Inc.- Sylon Group, Staff of Hotel Ramee grand, Secretariat of Association , Anchor Pranali for their efforts and also all members for attending the meeting. 

Our Chicken promotion activity will be continued next year also.

Mr. Pandurangsandbhor was welcomed as Executive Committee Member. He requested members to join for an entertainment program, cocktail and dinner.  Meeting was concluded by thanking the Chair

National Chicken Day celebration by Association members at various chicken shop’s some images.