PDFA International Dairy & Agri Expo 2023

The Biggest Cattle Show & Exhibition on Dairy Technology & Agriculture Machinery

PDFA International Dairy & Agri Expo is an annual event that brings together stakeholders in the dairy and agricultural industries. The event showcases the latest innovations, technology, and products in these industries, while also providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.

The PDFA International Dairy & Agri Expo features a wide range of exhibitors, including manufacturers of dairy and agri products, suppliers of equipment and technology, agricultural research institutes, universities, and government agencies. Visitors can explore the latest trends in dairy and agri products, equipment, and technology, and discover new business opportunities.

In addition to the main expo, PDFA International Dairy & Agri Expo also hosts a range of events, such as competitions, awards ceremonies, and entertainment programs. These events add to the excitement and energy of the expo, providing a fun and engaging experience for visitors.