Improving Bird Performance with Clean and Fresh Drinking Water.

Hygiene is very important in poultry houses. And while poultry professionals take many factors in consideration (especially the quality, density and processing of feed), the quality of the water is often underestimated or simply forgotten. We at lmpex Barneveld B.V. strongly believe that clean, safe and fresh water supply is a necessity for optimal bird performances.

Several of the most common poultry diseases are transmitted through the drinking water and because most of the birds drink from the same water supply , the performance of the entire flock be affected. Regular cleaning and keeping an eye on the water quality  will have a positive effect on the performance of the animals and thus increase profit.

Having a hygienic water supply Starts with a water and fresh water source. Most sources nowadays have been contaminated by agricultural and industrial activities, but also natural influences like floods, droughts and rock formations the water runs through, can influence the quality of the water source.

Therefore, it is very important to check the quality of the water supply on a regular basis to prevent any diseases from affecting your flock and to keep the mortality rate as low as possible.

But having a clean and freshwater supply makes no difference  when using open water drinking system. An open water source is a big risk on diseases due to direct contact between the water and birds. Manure, walking through with dirty feet, dust, feathers, feed etc. All these factors can contaminate the water and are the reason that Impex developed closed drinking systems. Using a closed drinking system reduces the risks significantly and thereby improves the water hygiene and bird performance even more.

But even a dosed drinking system still demands regular cleaning and controlling.  Something poultry farmers often seem to forget. Although the water remains much cleaner than in an open source, it is. still possible for bacteria to build up inside the system. Especially if you don’t check the quality of the original water source on a regular basis. Cleaning the system and nipples regularly helps maintaining an optimal water quality and prevents diseases from reaching your birds.

Improving bird performance and results, starts  with the right drinking system and keeping an eye on the water quality. Closed drinking systems contribute to a better water hygiene, are easy to clean and demand little maintenance. They are the ideal solution to achieve the best possible results.

For over fifty years now, Impex is contributing to improve and optimise water hygiene for poultry farms all around the world. Providing people with healthy and high-quality food is our biggest motivator. This starts with suppling the right: amount of clean, fresh and hygienic drinking water.