Groexl Vet Pvt Ltd joins the global family of Algebra Bio next

Information on Algebra-Bio Pty Ltd

The essence of the Algebra-Bio business comes from its name: The word algebra is derived from the Arabic word (al-jabr lit. “the reunion of broken parts”) by an ancient Persian mathematician and astronomer al-Khwarizmi. Added to the word bio, derived from the Latin for life and pertaining to the terms natural and biological.

A company based in Australia, with a focus in dynamic Asia Pacific Region, the business provides clients with a range of services and products focused on sustainable solutions to solve project challenges. The development of new or enhanced solutions and value-added propositions are done through strategic relationships with technology partners and customers clients.

Xpel Partnership for India 

Groexl Vet Pvt Ltd joins the global family of Algebra Bio next month when they launch the Xpel mycotoxin binder into the market in India. Whilst the product will have a good role to play in the growing cattle and aquaculture sectors in India, the immediate focus will be into the large poultry industry.

Groexl Vet Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed Animal Health Company from India founded in 2021. Rising awareness about the animal healthcare and veterinary health care has made us to evolve and provide need-based supplements to enhance the profitability of poultry and livestock farmer.

Groexl…Growing towards excellence aim to build a great organization that creates exceptional long-term value for our customers and employees. Company is built with Customer focus with entrepreneurial drive with great sense of honesty and integrity.

Dr BP Manjunath, CEO of the Groexl business is concerned about the ongoing challenges in the Indian feed supply chain and sees that this proven solution, produced in Australia can provide much needed reliable insurance against mycotoxin challenges. “The launch of this product in Apr 2022 puts our Groexl business in the forefront of providing our clients with reliable and cost-effective safeguards against costly mycotoxin impacts’’ comments Dr Manjunath.

Information on Xpel™

Xpel™ is an algae derived mycotoxin binder that contains high quality diatomite formed by Melosira granulate origin from Queensland Australia. It could be used as an effective way of controlling multiple mycotoxins in the feed and protect the animal from risk of mycotoxicosis.

The product will be available across India from February 2022 and James Charteris-Hough, MD of Algebra Bio commented, ‘’We are delighted to establish this partnership with the Groexl business and look forward to bringing our mycotoxin solutions to the important India market with Dr Manjunath and his team”