Environmental Safety & Sustainability Paradigm Remains Primary Strategy of Progress


Mr. KirilDomuschiev

Huvepharma CEO

The health of livestock, people and the planet are the centre of every decision we make. 2020 was marked by an unprecedented event in recent history – a global pandemic of the corona virus disease, also known as COVID-19. we would like to proudly highlight the resilience of our business. we strive to create value for our consumers, customers, employees, the environment, and society.

Our 4 main pillars are: 1) to provide quality products; 2) to value our people; 3) to protect the environment; 4) to contribute to local communities. For each pillar, we have set specific goals and we monitor progress and achievement. In the face of the corona virus crisis, we managed to react in a timely and proactive matter and adapted our goals according to the biggest needs of our stakeholders.


As a company represented in over 100 countries, we take our responsibilities seriously, and we oversee the impact which we make where we have established operations. Our objective is to keep being a customer-favoured brand and a chosen supplier. Quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us. Behind every product we offer, there is a thorough process on how to make it the best alternative on the market. Not only do we offer innovative solutions to our customers, but we also continue to expand our portfolio. All our future endeavours reflect our consumers’ needs, which we track frequently and rigorously. For 2020, we registered a 7.8% increase in sales, compared to 2019. Our production did not slow down because of COVID-19, but in fact increased. This was due to the opening of the new fermentation plant in the town of Peshtera, which allowed us to increase production capacity by 30% and to develop new product offerings. Once again, we demonstrated that ourbusiness is highly adaptable and resistant to unexpected market trends.


As a large manufacturer, we are aware of the environmental impact we have, and we have a responsibility to minimise it. We have set the ambitious but achievable goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. Thus, we will set goals and undertake actions to progressively decrease the emissions we generate. As an example, a project already initiated is the installation of our own solar park in the town of Peshtera, Bulgaria. Moreover, we implement innovative solutions in terms of our water management, waste generated, and resources used. We manage modernised wastewater treatment plants, and we check the air quality around our facilities. We address the reduction of waste generated on a multilevel basis – on one hand we implement energy recovery of the organic waste from production sites, on the other hand, we optimise packaging.OUR EMPLOYEES

Dedicated and talented staff stand behind each achievement and contribute daily to our success. We have attracted skilful and experienced professionals and we want to retain them by providing them with the appropriate renumeration, job security, workplace safety, and a place where they are valued.

Without our people, we wouldn’t have managed to maintain the high standards and strive for more. With regards to the outbreak of corona virus, we ensured all possible protective measures were introduced and we managed to preserve their jobs, without going through significant cuts.


Huvepharma is dedicated to improving the communities around us. We have always invested in local societies. The new reality, shaped by the pandemic, motivated us even more to take care of all our stakeholders and protect them at all costs. We managed to support local people and businesses and, considering, that COVID-19 is still prevalent in our everyday lives, we intend to continue contributing in the best way we can. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who is involved in our business. We deeply appreciate the interest and support towards the company, and we are proud that you have chosen us as a trusted partner. We will continue to prioritise new opportunities and cultivate good dialogue with all internal and external stakeholders.