Control of Early Chick Mortality & Stress Management during summer with GROX

Dr. Ramdas S. Kambale – CEO & Board Member-GLOCREST Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd

Dr. Kiran Balikai – Technical Manager-Krishna Farm


In simple terms, any deviation from normal routine is called the stress. There are several reasons for stress and poultry always exposed to stress conditions which are due to various causes listed below.

  1. Seasonal impact
  2. Management causes.
  3. Nutritional causes.
  4. Disease causes.

Seasonal impact: The summer is the worst season which causes heat stress and early chick mortality. Stress management during summer is always challenging. Global warming impact is clearly seen and every year farmers suffers heavy losses especially during summer.

Management Causes: High brooding temperature, low brooding temperature, starvation, inadequate feeders and drinkers, high relative humidity; poor brooding conditions: All those listed reasons cause severe stress and cause heavy morality in chicks and even in adult birds

Nutritional Causes: Water: Water is one of the essential elements for maintaining the health and performance of the birds. It not only acts as a transport medium for nutrients and metabolic end products but also it helps in maintaining body temperature during hot weather. Besides, water balances the minor deficiency of minerals like Na, Cl, K, etc. Unhygienic water causes high mortality.

Vitamins deficiencies: Vitamins are very essential parts of poultry diets. They take part in vital body processes like metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, repair of worn-out tissues; they serve as antioxidants, take part in enzymatic actions, etc.

Diseases: As the immune system is not fully developed at hatch, chicks are particularly susceptible to several viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. High mortality rates during the first week tend to be very common in poultry productions because of omphalitis, respiratory tract infections, airsacculitis, and septicemia etc.

Probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotic, and postbiotics

Currently, different microorganisms are being used to reduce mortality during first week and protect the gastrointestinal tract. Positive effects of these products have been described in the performance and gut health of chickens.Beta Glucan is known to enhance immunity and bioactivity by promoting secretion of cytokines, activating macrophages, natural killer cells and neutrophils, and have antitumor, antibacterial and antiviral effects (Brown and Gordon, 2005).

Role of MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane: MSM is the buzz word in stress management in not only poultry but in human beings too. It’s one of the super foods as antioxidant and typical stress controlling factor especially in young chicks and even in adult birds.


Birds have limited body resources for growth, reproduction, response to environmental changes & defense mechanism. Birds are subjected to frequent stress factors listed above. Therefore, stress management plays a crucial role to get optimum performance. To address these critical issues, GLOCREST introduced its flagship product to control EARLY CHICK MORTALITY & STRESS named GROX with following composition

 GROX is complete product to address all the stress factors and help to control early chick mortality. During summer it could be a‘Ramban’ solution. Pl use it to know it. Basically, it is considered as ORS – Oral Rehydration Solution.

In some of the trial reports (can be provided on demand), it has been observed that there was 0.25-0.5% saving in morality & there was 15-20g extra body weight in first 10 days against their normal routine products which could result approximate 100g extra body weight at the time of culling. In nut shell, GROX is complete package to manage summer stress and controlling early chick morality and stress conditions in chicks and adult birds too. It can be given 1g/lit water or can be also added in 1kg/ton of feed. However, drinking water application can give instant results.