Alltech’s Corn Quality Assessment reveals high moisture and mould challenges

After rice and wheat, corn is India’sthird-most important field crop. Accounting for 10% of total food grain productionin the country, India rankssixth largest in corn production and fourth largest in terms of acreage in the world.

The ever-growing human population, rising income and consequent growth in meat consumptionhave demanded more cereal production. The ability of new cornvarieties to produce higher yield and their capacity to grow in different seasons has led farmer’s interest to divert field for corn production rather than other cereal grains in many parts of country. Globally corn is referred as “Queen of Cereals” due to many positive attributes in agricultural production.

Corn was initially cultivated during the “Kharif” season. An experiment with “Rabi” corn in Bihar and some southern states during the early 1960’s brought higher yields and fewer pest attacks and thus gradually popularisingcultivation of “Rabi” corn in many states.

Corn is principal energy source used in poultry diets because of its highmetabolizable energy, palatability, presence of pigments and essential fatty acids.

In early May month, Alltech conducted corn crop quality assessment survey by collecting samples from field, farms and mandis in several districts of Bihar, one of the major Rabi corn producing states. 

The assessmentrevealed that the samples tested had an average moisture percentage of 15.56, with a relatively bigger corn sizebut an average crude protein of 7.46%. It is suggested that feed producers must check protein level of corn consignments and adjust feed formula to get desired protein levels in complete feed.

It was also observed that all samples were very high in mould count and producers must have a close watch during storage of current corn crop.

The mycotoxin testing revealed that 72% of samples were positive for all five mycotoxins tested -Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Fumonosin, T2, DON andZearalenone. 100% samples were positive for four mycotoxins.

“The high mould count is alarming for producers and survey enables them to foresee the challenge of mycotoxins in their feed,” said Dr. Aman Sayed,Managing Director – India, Regional Director – South Asia. “Producers are advised to pay attention to mould and mycotoxin management with the help of quality solutions.”

Emphasizing the fact that “multiple mycotoxins is a reality”, Dr Lokesh Gupta,Sr. Regional Technical Manager-Poultry (South Asia) said,”Hundreds of mycotoxins have been identified and most animal feedstuffs and feed are likely to be contaminated with multiple mycotoxins under practical farming and storage conditions.Moulds and mycotoxins are major threat for productivityeven in best-run livestock production systems and their detection as well as control should be every feed producer’s priority”. He recommended Alltech®Rapireadfor effective detection of various mycotoxins.

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