Alltech launches ninth-annual Art Contest, invites nationwide participation from schoolchildren.

Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition, announces the ninth annual Art Contest for schoolchildren. The competition will accept entries from June 9 to July 31, 2023.

The winning entries will be featured in the 2024 Alltech calendar and awarded cash prizes and certificates.

“Healthy Mind— Healthy Body” is the theme of this year’s art contest.

Having a healthy mind is paramount to overall health and well-being. A healthy mind influences your thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as your emotional, psychological and social well-being. It collaborates with your body and determines how you deal with stress, interact with others and make decisions.

Alltech chose the topic “Healthy Mind — Healthy Body” for this year’s art contest to help children realize the need to develop strong social, emotional, behavioral, thinking and communication skills as a foundation for greater mental health and physical well-being later in life.

“We are excited to announce the launch of the ninth annual Alltech Art Contest, with the theme ‘Healthy Mind — Healthy Body,’” said Dr. Aman Sayed, managing director of India and regional director of South Asia at Alltech.“A healthy mind is a precedent for a healthy body. Until recently, human evolution has been ‘outside-in,’ starting with the body, followed by the mind. In the new normal, this order has begun to reverse, and humans inside-out’ journey has begun. Every parent and child should focus on a few basic areas – healthy nutrition, exercise, rest and stress reduction to maintain a fit mind and body.”

Who can participate?

All students between 5–16 can participate in the contest.The competition is open for children in India and Nepal.


The contest is open for submissions from June 9 to July 31, 2023. 

Online submission rules:

The theme “Healthy Mind — Healthy Body” must be the focus of the artwork.

• The artwork must be on paper of A4 size (210 × 297 mm) and in landscape mode.

• Acceptable media include crayons, watercolors, oil paints, acrylic paints, poster colors, color pencils, or pastels.

• The artwork must be unsigned by the artist.

• Entries should be submitted online. Upload a scanned image of the finished artwork to the website, filling in all the relevant details requested on the page. (Please only send a scan; do not mail us the original unless we ask for it.)

• The contest is open for participants from India and Nepal.


The submission is online-only. Entrants must upload a scanned image of the artwork to the contest website and fill out all the relevant details requested on the page.

Check out the link below to participate andto learn more about the Alltech Art Contest.

Website link:

Terms & condition:

  • Artworks copied or downloaded from the internet, or copied from any other source, will be disqualified.
  • All artwork submitted for the competition will become the property of Alltech and will not be returned.
  • Winners will be announced on August 28. The list of winners will be published on Alltech’s website and social media channels and will also be communicated through the mail.

For more details, please contact your local Alltech sales manager or email