Increased biosecurity and ideal chick storage conditions with X-Streamer™ Chick-Store Gateway

The hatchery is the very first stage in the life of new-born chicks. After take-off on hatch day, chicks are usually stored before being moved to the farm. Sub-optimal storage conditionscan negatively affect their qualityand well-being,while biosecurity riskscan be a threat to their health status. The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store Gatewayoffers the perfect solution: Itbrings an important biosecurityadvantage in combination withideal chick holding conditions.

Separate dispatch zone: no hatchery entrance required

Temperature, airflow and oxygen play an important role in keeping the environment of day-old chicks in the right conditions so they will retain their quality andfeel comfortable.Consistently controlling all these conditions in a traditional storage room, however, is not easy. Technology can help you ensure that eachchick receivesthe same ‘ideal storage treatment’. Petersime’sX-Streamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to automatically deliver theperfect storage environment. Chicks that are held in ideal conditions will show better quality, perform better post-hatch and are less likely to die in the first week. The range now includes theX-Streamer™ Chick-Store Gateway, a new model that creates abiosecurity barrier between the inside and outside of your hatchery.

The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store Gateway has front and rear doors, enabling easy and logical (‘first in, first out’) chick unloading from the rear of the machine. Outside air cannot enter the hatchery and truck drivers don’t have to go inside the building as the dispatch zone is completely separated from the hatchery. It goes without saying that this is an important biosecurity measure to helpprevent pathogens from entering the hatchery. It also saves time as truck drivers must normally shower and change clothing prior to entering the hatchery.

When the front doors of the X-Streamer™ Chick-Store Gateway are open, the redlight at the rear of the machine will light up as a warning. When the light switches to green, it is safe to open the rear doors and unload the chicks.

New trolley type: Chick box safe-T trolley

Petersime also offers a new trolley type to facilitate chick box transport from hatchery to farm. This easy-to-use trolley has a central guidingpiece – also calledsafety piece (‘safe-T‘)– for extra stable transport. The central guiding piece is adjustable in height: It is fixed in the right position to hold the stacked chick boxes in a safe and stable position. It can also be disassembled from the frame (e.g.,for automation purposes). The chick boxsafe-T trolleyscan bewheeled easily onto the truck.