Watch Chick Quality at Arrivals: GADVASU Experts

The famous quote “well begun is half the done” also applies at the poultry farms if the farmers pay attention to the quality of the chicks when ordering from a particular hatchery or at the time of arrivals at the farm. This was disclosed by Dr Parminder Singh, Professor in Directorate of Extension Education, GADVASU, Ludhiana and coordinator of the meeting.  He was speaking at the monthly seminar of Independent Poultry Association (IPA) on 8.8.2022. He explained that while selecting a particular strain of chicks from a particular hatchery, the farmer must consider few economical traits in the chicks. Day old body weight, daily feed intake, feed conversion ratio, dressing percentage, body fat and incidence of diseases which must be considered to get profit from them. He told about the survey conducted in Punjab and the most important parameter which the farmer emphasized was the “early chick mortality”.

As the price of chicks fluctuates with demand and supply, some time supplier compromise the quality, health and immunity of the newly hatched chicks to get quick bucks.  Dr Gurjot Kaur Mavi, working as Assistant Professor at Directorate of Livestock Farm, GADVASU highlighted different check points and factors affecting the chick quality. She explained laxity during chick sexing, vaccination and transportation from the source. Even rearing of parent stock affects the internal chick quality. Diets of male and female breeders are different; it is mostly restricted i.e. controlled to avoid deposition of extra fat which affects the fertility and hatchability. Age of parents, time of mating or AI, frequency of collection of breeder eggs are some of the issues for healthy chick. Proper sanitation, proper humidity and temperature in brooders also affect chick quality. Farmers were of the opinion that there should be some sort of check by government on the hatcheries so that uniform and healthy chicks are marketed. There should also be a proper regulation how they dispose the unsalable chicks.

Dr Prashant Gour from M/s Hester Bioscience Limited emphasized the biosecurity at the poultry farm and preparation to be done before receiving the chicks. He introduced certain products from his organization which can be used as disinfectant and sanitizer in the poultry sheds. Dr Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education informed the farmers that in the name of free delivery at the farmers doorstep, some time there are hidden charges which the farmers ignore. There is nothing free in the market that’s why the price of chicks is very high in private sector. GADVASU has its own hatchery which caters to the needs of broiler as well as layer farmers. If a farmer books in advance, the university can provide quality chicks at a very reasonable cost. The farmer must come to university at a given date and take the consignment by paying the balance amount.  He also informed that the university is going to honor “Chief Minister Award” in poultry in the forthcoming Kisan Mela in September 2022; of which last date to receive the applications is 18.8.2022.