VIV Nanjing 2023 Successfully Concluded in September

Reaffirming the Strength of International Trade Platform in China

In early 2023, China re-emerged onto the global trade scene with renewed enthusiasm, coinciding with a surge in international demand. The dynamic Chinese animal husbandry sector responded promptly, and VIV Worldwide swiftly reinstated its dual-support approach of “Welcoming In” and “Going Global.” From September 6th to 8th, 2023, VIV Nanjing, the Chinese edition of the VIV series of global trade shows, concluded its operations on a high note. The event exceeded industry expectations, attracting a substantial number of international buyers, and simultaneously hosting more than 10 summit forums that offered a diverse and illuminating program.

Covering an expansive 36,000 square meters, VIV Nanjing featured 388 exhibitors and drew in 32,765 professional visitors, 46 international procurement delegations, and 32 domestic visiting delegations. Notably, 4,305 international attendees from 38 countries and regions around the world participated, with over 80% expressing clear intentions for procurement. The event witnessed excellent alignment between exhibitor offerings and buyer demands, fostering an energetic atmosphere for trade negotiations. Attendees, both domestic and international, delved into the practical applications and future potentials of cutting-edge technologies like AI, artificial intelligence, and big data in animal husbandry.

At VIV Nanjing 2023, the entire “from feed to food” industrial chain found global connectivity. The event brought together a multitude of enterprises, ranging from industry leaders to emerging representatives. Their product offerings spanned feedstuffs, feed additives, feed products, feed processing equipment, veterinary medicines, animal health, medical equipment, livestock and poultry, breeding and incubation equipment, breeding machinery, slaughtering and processing equipment, dung management systems, and premium livestock and poultry products. The show emphasized the entire industrial chain, ensuring food safety and nutrition from the source. In 2023, VIV Nanjing established a strategic partnership with the Zhongguancun Innovative Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technologies of TCVM, incorporating Chinese medicinal materials and natural plant extracts into feed products to create a green and health-conscious breeding scheme with distinct Chinese characteristics. Furthermore, it expanded its reach to the food end, as it partnered with the Shanghai Poultry Trade Association to construct a special exhibition area highlighting “Shanghai Poultry Industry Development Achievements,” drawing the participation of several leading poultry breeding enterprises.

Conferences and forums have always played a pivotal role in VIV Nanjing, with 2023 seeing a pronounced focus on two key sectors: poultry and feed. Recent years have seen the adoption of a format that combines a “main forum” with “strategic cooperation forums.” This strategy amalgamates multiple high-quality content programs, ensuring complementary themes and fostering cross-sector interactions. Industry professionals and leading enterprises converged to share insights and strategies for industrial advancement, making the forums highly attended and beneficial for all participants.

The main forum in 2023, the VIV International Summit, co-organized by VIV Nanjing and AgriPost.CN, centered on the theme “Internal Introduction, External Communication, and Persistence in Integrity and Innovation.” The forum delved into the emerging development patterns in domestic and international animal husbandry, discussing pressing issues in poultry breeding and feed production, while seeking solutions and new ideas at the source. Throughout the exhibition, the organizers hosted special forums in collaboration with strategic partners, including the Nanjing Agricultural University, Zhongguancun Innovative Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technologies of TCVM, and China Poultry Media (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Leading enterprises and industry organizations, both domestic and international, mobilized their teams to attend these forums, resulting in productive and earnest industry dialogues.

On the second day of the exhibition, the VIV InnovAction Awards Ceremony took place, with the central theme of “Persistence in Integrity and Innovation.” This ceremony is a cherished tradition within VIV in China, and in 2023, it recognized achievements in four categories: antimicrobial-free feed additives, feed production efficiency, animal health and nutrition, and intelligent poultry breeding. A total of 77 brands and institutions were honored with these awards.

VIV Nanjing 2024 has been officially confirmed and will be held from September 5th to 7th, 2024 at the Nanjing International Expo Center (Jianye District, Nanjing City).