The 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Vets in Poultry (VIP) took place at Hotel Express Inn in Nashik on Saturday September 30th 2023. The central theme of the event was “Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of the Poultry Sector.” Over 175 lifetime members of VIP tended the event, representing various regions of India.

Dr. Ajay Deshpande presided over the AGM after chieving quorum. He delivered the Presidential Address highlighting the success of the previous event in Hyderabad and underscored the industry’s anticipation of VIP for viable solutions to pertinent issues. Dr. Deshpande also addressed constructive concerns pertinent to lifetime members and stressed the importance of inclusivity across all sectors of the industry. He concluded by emphasising that the collective effort to improve the industry would ultimately benefit everyone involved.

With President Dr. Ajay Deshpande’s authorisation, Dr. Santosh Ire, Secretary, VIP, presented the minutes of the 4th AGM and proposed new resolutions for consideration. All resolutions were seconded and passed by the lifetime members, thereby becoming binding for all. Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, Treasurer, VIP, presented the audited financial report, which was shared and elucidated during the AGM, and was subsequently approved by the members. Dr. Santosh Ire concluded the AGM by expressing gratitude to all lifetime members.

The second session was divided into two parts. The first, moderated by Dr. Mukund Kadam, revolved around the expectations from VIP and the determination of VIPs future roadmap. The active participation of VIP members and the Management Committee was a notable highlight.

The second part involved a panel discussion with experts from various fields. The panel included Dr. C.R. Behl, Dr. Anil Phadke, Dr. Balasaheb Thete, Dr. Sushant Rai, Dr. D.B. Patil, Dr. Jeetendra Verma, Dr. Ravindranath Masali, Dr. Sunil Nadgowada, and Dr. Shree Waghole. Dr. Shirish Nigam moderated this session, which proved to be dynamic and interactive, with the audience posing astute and pertinent questions that were answered comprehensively by the experts.

Following this, all the experts were felicitated. Dr. Shirish Nigam was acknowledged for being elected President of INFAH and Dr. Ajit Ranade was commended for this contribution to the new poultry department syllabus  in all India Veternairy universities.

This year, the lifetime achievement award was presented to Dr. Narkhede for his exceptional and unwavering dedication to the poultry farming community.

VIP extended its appreciation to sponsors and acknowledged new entrepreneurs among the lifetime  members , offering them special encouragement and best wishes.

Tribute was paid to the late Dr. Abhyuday Salunkhe. New lifetime members were welcomed by presenting them with VIP badges.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Sunil Kalsakar. This was followed by an entertainment programme and dinner.

Special gratitude is  due to the Nashik team of VIP for their meticulous organisation and dedicated efforts. The initiative was led by Dr. Rathod and guided by Dr. Anil Phadke and Dr. Uddhav Patil. Thanks to all committee members, Task Force team, VIP members, Participants & all supporters for making this event successful.