Venkateshwara B V Biocorp Private Limited organised Technical seminar on “Role of Vitamins & Minerals in Commercial layers”.

VENKATESHWARA BV BIOCORP PVT LTD organized Technical seminar for commercial Layer Farm Entrepreneurs on 4th Nov 2022 at Hotel Jewel Classic, Karnal, Haryana.  This technical seminar was attended by layer farm entrepreneurs from the surrounding area. All the attendees were welcomed by Mr. Shashi Bhushan, Zonal Manager, Venkateshwara B V Biocorp Private Limited. During his welcome remark Mr. Shashi Bhushan shared his thoughts regarding current Poultry Industry scenario in the area.

The speaker for this seminar, Dr Datta Kulkarani, AGM – Technical, Venkateshwara B V Biocorp Private Limited explained about the importance of vitamins & minerals in commercial layers. He also elaborated about quality of the premix and premixing technology in details.  During discussion he advised about quality parameters to be considered while selecting the vitamin and trace mineral premix. Importance of proper mixing time, mixing of ingredients, sequence of mixing the ingredients, weighing etc. in premix manufacturing was explained during the presentation.

Dr Datta Kulkarni answered the queries of the attendees related to vitamin and mineral premises.

Mr. Sandip Saini, RSM – Venkateshwara B V Biocorp Private Limited and his team organised this technical seminar.