Venkateshwara B V Bio-Corp Private Limited organised Technical seminar on “BV 300 Nutrition and Management”

VENKATESHWARA BV BIO-CORP PVT LTD organized Technical seminar for commercial Layer Farmers on Monday 06th November, 2023 at Hotel Lake Vinora, Ajmer, Rajasthan. This technical seminar was attended by layer farmers of Ajmer and surrounding area. Mr Shashi Bhushan, Zonal Manager, Venkateshwara B V Bio-Corp Pvt. Ltd. welcomed all attendees.

Mr Deepak Khosla (GM- Marketing)shared his thoughts regarding current Commercial Layer Industry scenario.

The speaker for this seminar, Dr Sunil Nadgauda explained in detail about the “BV 300 commercial Layers Nutrition and Management” in all aspects. During discussion he advised to be watchful about quality parameters to be considered while selecting the different feed ingredients. The excerpts from his presentation can be summarized as below. 

  • BV 300 performance review.
  • Importance of body weight monitoring in rearing period and its impact on laying productivity.
  • Early Laying Nutrition to maximize peak production and to maintain the consistency.
  • Benefits of Phase feeding – to reduce the overall egg production cost and to optimize the efficiency.
  • Alternative sources of Protein & Energy and precautions to be taken while using the alternative feed ingredients.
  • Maintaining the egg shell quality during extended laying periods.
  • Innovative premix solutions for simplify the feed manufacturing process and also to avoid errors during feed production. Mixiblend is the new innovative and simple solution which provides Vitamins, Trace minerals, Enzymes, Toxin Binder, Liver tonicin required proportion to boost the productivity.

Dr Sunil Nadgauda answered the queries of the attendees related to the subject and other technical queries regarding layer nutrition and management.

The Technical Seminar was attended by around 140 Layer farmers surrounding the Ajmer area.

Mr. Shashi Bhushan, Zonal Manager proposed vote of thanks to all. The local Venworld Team organised this technical seminar.

Mr Deepak Khosla (GM – Marketing) sharing his thoughts regarding current Commercial Layer Industry scenario
The Technical Seminar was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the speaker Dr Sunil Nadgauda (DGM-Technical)
Layer farmers attending the Technical Seminar