Unveiling Revolutionary Products: HIPRA India Launch Event

Unveiling Revolutionary Products: HIPRA India Launch Event

A grand launch event for Evant and Gumbohatch was held on 9th May 2023 at hotel Jaypee Palace, Agra, a venue meticulously designed to create a captivating atmosphere. As attendees arrived, they were greeted by a visually stunning display that instantly immersed them in our brand and the essence of our new products. Evant is an exclusive vaccine against coccidiosis in broilers and Gumbohatch is an immune complex vaccine against infectious bursal disease. The event was held in the presence of almost 120 eminent farmers and poultry consultants across India.


The opening remarks were given by Dr. Shyam vane, Business Manager, HIPRA India which was followed by Deep prajwalan by Dr. Gajanan Wankhede, Dr. Jayaraman, Mr. D.S  Subramaniyam, Dr. Mandip Singh Mann, Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadav& Mr. Ranpal Dhanda.

Dr. ShyamVane took the stage and delivered a powerful opening speech, building anticipation for the big reveal. Industry experts also shared their insights, highlighting the potential impact and transformative capabilities of HIPRA products. The presentations captivated the audience and left no doubt about the significance of this launch.

Along with all dignitaries, HIPRA India sales and technical team Mr. Joan Mollis & Michell woodward, global product manager from HIPRA Spain also showed their presence who are basically experts in coccidiosis and Gumboro vaccines respectively.

The first speaker was Dr. Subramanyam Bhatt, Vice president Life Line feeds who has a vast experience of more than two decades in the field of coccidiosis and lesion scoring.He presented the current coccidiosis scenario in commercial broilers across India and vaccine as a potential solution against the same. He  shared his success story of using HIPRA coccidiosis vaccine in his farms and the benefits of using a vaccine rather than going for coccidiostats. According to him the inevitable resistance against coccidiostats in the near future can be mitigated by switching to coccidiosis vaccines in short lived and long lived birds as well.

Dr. Pradip Doiphode, TSM HIPRA India presented his view on current scenario of Infectious Bursal Disease in India and put forth that very virulent IBD and Variant IBD are both prevalent in our country and needs to be tackled with an effective hatchery vaccine which is safe for birds and efficient as well.

Mr. Joan Mollis, Global product manager for coccidiosis vaccine presented the technical knowhows related to coccidiosis vaccine and its potential to replace coccidiostats effectively in the future. He showed how the strains used in Evant are chosen for their precociousness and how they are different from the other live attenuated vaccines used globally. HIPRA has almost 75% market share globally as far as coccidiosis vaccines are concerned.

Ms. Michelle Woodward discussed the benefits of Gumbohatch which is a new generation Immune complex vaccine that will provide best protection to the chicks with higher safety margins.

Mr. Venkitakrishnan Natarajan, sales director Royal Pas Reform presented the future of hatchery automization and in ovo vaccination in poultry production.

Also, Mr. Myeongseob Kim , Regional Technical & Marketing specialist discussed regarding various services provided by HIPRA related to hatchery auditing by which we can do root cause analysis and improve the hatchability and profits.

The grand launch event was concluded with closing remarks from Dr Shyam Vane followed by Cocktail dinner and a visit to Taj Mahal was also organized for all the delegates next day.