The Unsung Heroes

The most common belief is that the poultry industry in India has grown on the strength of private enterprises that have brought the poultry business to the present level over time. Nevertheless, it would be unfair not to recognize the contribution of the various government organizations related to the industry. There are several institutions and universities running into a long list all of whom have extensively contributed to the health and growth of this industry. There are several stalwarts from the government officials who are easy to categorize as the unsung heroes of this industry. Having said this the level of interaction that should happen between these government specialist organizations and the private players is not up to the mark or expectation. This is indeed a missed opportunity between the private industry and the specialist organizations under the government. We see tremendous cooperation and collaboration between the private sector and the government organizations in many European countries and America. The research and development done by these august institutions in the field of developing a local breed of poultry or even nutritional knowledge need to be implemented by the private sector; to commercialize and benefit the farmers with these good and useful technologies.

Post-pandemic the international fairs have begun attracting a steadily larger number of visitors. The recent verse in Utrecht in Europe and the subsequent show in Sao Paulo of Brazil indicate signs of recovering to normalcy. We must expect the shows in the Philippines, Vietnam, and India to have good responses.

Social media has ultimately come to dismantle the controlled media of the lore. As people get more knowledgeable, they are getting wiser in making choices and decisions. Some of the celebrities and also politicians who had a strong forte are crumbling now as more disclosures happen to the intelligent public. Certain communities that had the mask and strategy to carry forward a long-term agenda now are starting to crumble with startling exposures. 

The Poultry is still reeling under pressure to see at least some profits which appear like a mirage. The production efficiencies have been reached and only scope remains for better marketing. While some of the integrators have invested in branding and value addition yet they are still a small percentage of the total market. Marketing of own produce is the only key to sustaining various regions. 

Farmers should focus on quality & competitive sourcing as a means to have sustainable profitability. In any case, the market is beyond anybody’s control.