The string of Mines!

The one common thread binding the neighboring countries of India is the stealth of China!

Long-term Strategy, with money power to win over corrupt and gullible political leaders in power. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & now Maldives are the latest victims of this strategy. Pakistan is already stuck in the trap. China, shocked Pakistan, when it refused any kind of support when attacked by Iran. The true colors are out in their high Himalayan & deep sea – hollow promises. Nepal, a long-term dependent of India’s blessings, Bangladesh created by the mercy of India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and recently Maldives suddenly spit venom on India. Corrupt leaders are easy to buy for China in Pakistan. 

India too in the past for several decades had favorable long-term political parties blatantly talking to China and yielding liberally. This is now coming to expose. China invests heavily in media and influencers. Also on the opposite political parties, it is a matter of time before they would come to power. The ‘Debt Death Diplomacy’ is successfully used in Asia Africa and several other smaller and vulnerable economies. Pakistan & Sri Lanka are living examples and soon Maldives is joining the tribe. People need to awaken and see the clear picture to vividly see the trap. The awakened India has seen through this ploy and aptly responded to it befittingly. 

One of the world’s oldest and vibrant surviving religions deserves its rightful temple of its Original which it won over democratic and legal manner. It’s impossible to say that of other religions when they are willing to kill or get killed for the cause of religion. The Ram Pratishthan was a global event with live telecasts across the globe. Hinduism advocates Ahinsa – Non-violence in any form or manner; the unconditional love of God’s creation that includes humans, animals, plants rivers, and so on is today the most sustainable religion of the world. It’s also the only religion that does not have to expand its tribe by forceful conversion or offering incentives. Hinduism allows other religions to be respected and thrive under its wings. Many communities of the world feel and experience being very safe amidst the Hindus. 

The threshold of terror is broken when a brotherly country -Iran, thought it ideal – to attack its neighbor as that seems the only language terrorist understands. 

Poultry continues a roller coaster with its cost price and selling price. News trickling about Egg exports to Russia is welcome. 

Indians have matured as a democracy – it does not wait for the government’s opinion and citizens voluntarily took action to react to Maldives’ venomous attack on India & its Prime Minister!