Technical Seminar: Toxicity and immunity management for profitable poultry farming

Regen Biocorps AHI Pvt Ltd, hosted a technical seminar at Talegaon (Dabhade), Pune, dated 9th Mar’2023 which was attended by poultry Farmers & enthusiasts on current trends in the poultry industry. The topic of discussion, “Toxicity and immunity management for profitable poultry farming” was apt in the current context of challenges that the egg and meat industry face the most. Dr. Uttarwar, Zonal Manager, welcomed the distinguished guest to this event and set the context of the discussion.

The poultry industry was going through a bad phase due to skyrocketing raw material prices in general, and Maize in particular which has been trading at the higher prices for a pretty long period from the beginning of 2024. The poor quality and availability make the matter even worse as it’s hampering the immunity & health of the birds. Due to that Managing known and unknown diseases is becoming more challenging. It is affecting the overall profitability of producers and leading to excess overhead costs. Higher production costs together with lower selling prices are challenging the viability of producers.

This seminar was aimed at highlighting the appropriate solutions, to aid efficiency in production by focusing on “Total Immunity” which is sustainable.

Dr. Sudhir Rukadikar, a renowned poultry consultant who has extensive experience in Poultry management for more than 30 years, highlighted the novel ways to enhance Innate immunity. Dr. Rukadikar emphasised that the first couple of weeks are very important for Primary Lymphoid organ development. Supplementation of soluble specialised nutrients in this critical stage of life is vital. He envisaged that innate immunity can be improved with products based on comprehensive immune nutrition like Immon®, a specialised product for Total Immunity (Innate and adaptive).

Birds do have a strong Immune system comprised of Innate and Adaptive Immunity. Genetically selecting the birds for higher productivity negatively impacts Immunity. Hence, Immune competence of commercial flocks is under challenge due to performance pressure and need extra nutrition not only for challenge situations but also for regular health management too.

Dr. Gopal Potdar discussed how Immon® does stress management by reducing the Corticosteroid activity in the blood resulting in improved egg production and feed efficiency in layers. It can be a major boost to Broiler Integrators wishing to raise antibiotic-free chicken (AFC)!! Regular preventive usage in healthier birds will ensure better performance and  improved return on investment. Along with Immon, Dr. Gopal Potdar also highlighted key important features of Mantox, a broad-spectrum toxin binder. Mantox consists of Activated charcoal, Bentonite, Herbs, PVP, and MOS which offer Comprehensive Mycotoxin Management against Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, DON, T2, and Fungal toxins. Mycotoxins significantly damage liver and kidney cells, So the addition of Liver and kidney-stimulating herbs gives more effective  protection against toxins.

“We thank our honourable guests graced the occasion by sparing their valuable time for active participation in this event”, said Mr. Ganesh (Sr. Sales Executive). “We are committed to serving the local industry and providing solutions for its challenges through collaborative projects. By understanding and anticipating proactively the changing needs of our valuable partners, we bring about solutions with global knowledge and expertise”. “We will bring more advanced knowledge and technology which will pave the way for more efficient customer service”, Mr. Sachin Kakde (Key Client Manager) added.

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  1. Good event. Dr Rukadikar has shared innovative ways to increase immunity of birds.


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