Team Optima Celebrates World Egg Day


On account of World Egg Day which was celebrated on 14th October 2022, Team Optima once again emphasized importance of protein in our nutrition by creating awareness among orphan children’s. Team Optima visited DhramveerShambhuraje Orphanage, Primary Schooland Old age home in Hadapsar near Pune.

Dharmveer Shambhuraje Orphanage have 70 orphan children from various age groups. Along with taking care of orphans, they also impart proper education to the children from weaker section of the society by running Primary school.

Dr. Kalyani explained the kids in simple marathi, easy to understand language the benefits that can be ensured by incorporating eggs in the daily diet. This was followed by a general Q&A session where questions like whether the eggs are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is it harmful to eat eggs daily were explained in a scientific manner.

Finally, Team Optima distributed boiled eggs to the kids and donated 1200 raw eggs to the school for incorporation in midday meal.