Scoring Brownie Points!

Despite all odds, of the weather and distance, the recent Poultry Federation of India (PFI) meeting at Hotel Hyatt, Chandigarh on 22nd December 2022, was well attended by 600 plus registered visitors. Speakers did well to meet the expectations of the audience with some useful ideas by knowledgeable ideas shared with the farmers. Discussions happened in the presence of Ministers from the Punjab Government about the woes of the farmers and the help being sought by their intervention. It revolved around guidelines being sought for integration into Broiler farming. Efforts should be made that it is not unilateral and not targeted against the other group! Poultry has grown through immense contributions from the private sector and government intervention must bear that in mind as only bringing in regulations but not coming out with a viable and sustainable solution can be counterproductive. An unbiased approach to this problem with an eye to offering a sustainable solution is the key rather than mud-slinging leading to the political atmosphere which will bring in discord and break in the cordial relationship that exists now among the farmers along with integrators. Also good to note that in other regions of the country like South India – integrators are saviors to poor and medium farmers as they are given an opportunity to have activity and a consistent source of income. Most of the farmers come from owners of small barren lands unfit for agricultural crops due to infertile soil lack of water and extreme weather conditions. These farmers do not compare well with farmers who have fertile lands and have an alternative to Contract farming. Moreover, the guidelines as they mention are guidelines and if not found reasonable or viable then may not be implemented. If the integrators are driven to the wall then they will be forced to withdraw causing more damage to the now-benefitting farmers. The integrators also have their woes which must be heard as a fair opportunity before judgments could be passed. The integrators raise huge finance to fund these operations with a high risk of personal liabilities; they also suffer pilferage and damages and continuous market risk – which has become perennial in the Indian poultry of late. A balanced view is a need for the hours in this sensitive issue is the way forward. Ultimately, It is not a game of scoring brownie points!

The re-emergence of the Corona Virus in China is a cause of serious concern once again in the world. India is also bracing for the challenge that this might pose once again. India is the only country in the world that was highly propagated world during the onset of the pandemic in 2020. The World Media went overboard to project and highlight India with a doom prophecy for Indians. Fortunately, India came out much better than the image by effectively handling a population of 1.3 billion in an incredible way to prove to the world that they were wrong. The Indians have all been double and in many cases triple vaccinated and with effective vaccination. The world also questions the efficacy of the Chinese vaccines because of the massive outbreak in China happening again now. India is among the early countries to relax and open up the restrictions from the pandemic and has returned to near normalcy. In a few weeks from now, we will get to know what the government thinks about re-implementing the restrictions as a safety measure.
The flip side of the pandemic is that farmers especially broiler farmers are forced to look out for avenues of marketing their products in the proximity of their farms as travel and transportation restrictions will pose a big challenge. The importance of not just producing in large numbers but also investing a bit in marketing is a welcome approach in the long run.

Europe suffers heavily due to its own folly. They have done the proverbial jehad act – of a suicidal policy- which is really least expected of the group of EU politicians. When the whole of Europe has its lifeline of energy connected to Russia then why did they shoot in their own leg by antagonizing Russia at the behest of Americans? For Americans, this is a political point but for the EU it is their livelihood. Zelensky not being a political background has caused immense destruction to his own people and entire country just for an Ego? Ukraine could never win a war with Russia and the destruction for Ukraine and its people would be an immense no-brainer! Ukraine has been used as a battleground for the rest of the participants at the cost of several countries. The whole of the EU people are reeling under rising costs of living and are being dragged down several decades as a result of the NATO fantasy. Well, it is an opportunity for India which, under the present strong and practical government has kept its people first at all costs. The EU only preaching democracy but not really practicing has let down its own people due to its flawed thinking. Well, the US has the last laugh as all these have led to immense benefits to selling their weapon stocks and also Oil at higher prices. The EU as a whole is no different in suffering damages as compared to Ukraine though in a different form.