SAIFE VETMED – Technical seminar 2023

Health, Nutrition, and Management: jointly organized by Saife Vetmed, India and Arm & Hammer USA

Saife Vetmed, India, and Arm & Hammer, USA, continued their admired tradition of fostering a dynamic platform for industry experts, academics, and veterinarians by hosting the second annual technical symposium in August 2023. The event took place in Hilton, Bangalore from the 9th to the 10th of August 2023, followed by a grand culmination in Radisson Blu, Delhi on the 11th and 12th of August. This symposium not only brought together key players from the poultry industry, including prominent names like Venkys, Suguna, IB group, Baramatiagro, Premium Chicks, CPF, Godrej, Sreenivasan farms, Skylark, Noveltech, Nanda feeds, Shalimar pellet feeds, Phoenix, Sakku groups, MPWPCL, Poultry Federation (PFI) of India but also attracted attendees from 15 countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, UAE, Nepal, and Bangladesh.Lanxess, Germany and Anpario, UK long term associates of Saife Vetmed, India marked their presence through their international team.

The renowned speakers and experts Dr. Peter R. Ferket, a Williams Neal Reynold’s Distinguished Professor of Nutrition and Biotechnology at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Richard M. Fulton, a seasoned veterinary pathologist with over 38 years of experience in poultry pathology and medicine besides Dieter Huntenburg, CEO of Huntenburg Germany who served as a surprise package for the event. While Dr. Peter Ferket rightly absorbed the atmosphere and radiated the right energy required during the challenging market conditions and served the right recipe in the form of topics selected as wide as Maintaining Performance and Profits in Feed during Current Challenges, Calcium Nutrition in Broilers, Breeders, and Layers, & Optimizing Shell Quality in Cage Systems.

Dieter brought an exciting take on biosecurity with utmost emphasis on cleaning with the help of the modernequipment, the suitable information, right rationale, and the correct approach.
The event’s atmosphere was electrifying, with one poignant moment being a standing ovation accorded to Mr. Dieter Huntenburg by the appreciative audience.

Meanwhile, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, a division of Church & Dwight Co. Inc., showcased its dedication to animal health, nutrition, and environmental responsibility. Mr. Shitij Chabba, President of the Speciality Product Division at Church & Dwight, elucidated their forward-looking approach.

Saife Vetmed’s journey extends beyond its impressive trajectory. It serves as a testament to the value of nurturing innovation and determination, even in challenging circumstances. The company’s ascent from humble beginning to industry prominence offers a beacon of inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and researchers in the veterinary sector. A symposium attendee aptly summarized Saife Vetmed’s impact, stating, “Their presence here marks a pivotal moment in the field. The remarkable rise of a company with modest origins is undeniably inspiring.