Rossari Biotech Limited Organised Technical Knowledge Forum – Barnala, Punjab

“Technology by itself doesn’t make leaders, it only amplifies the true leaderships.”

To promote the knowledge of poultry farmers and stimulate new processes in the poultry business, Rossari Biotech Limited recently organised a Technical Knowledge Forum at Hotel Radiant Plaza – Barnala, Punjab, on August 21, 2022. We saw an immense response from more than 50 layer farmers, consultants and business partners of the company. 

Here, Dr. Aashaq Hussain, AGM-Technical, Rossari – AHN group presented a detailed study on the Nutritional & Health management of Layer Birds to Ensure Profitable Production while emphasising gut health & the methods of preventive control for various diseases through reconsidering biosecurity procedures practised, water management & stress optimisation. 

While providing insightful discussions on the current market, Dr Shambhavi from Rossari also showcased our manufacturing strength, R&D & QC developments and ventures that will assist the customers in leveraging the advancement. Mr Sanjay Kumar, AGM-North took this moment to thank the audience for this session and encourage them to implement the processes to boost the standard & profitable layer production.