Ravioza launches PHYTOGOLD (A Next generation Phytogenic) and FORTIBAC (A Responsible Approach to Gut Resilience)in Indian Market

RAVIOZA BIOTECH held its technical seminar cum product launch program inJind at Hotel Lakshya andin Hyderabad at Hotel ELLAin the presence of Dr Chitwan Kawatra, Dr Jeetendra Verma, Dr. Jayaraman Krishnarajan, large number of poultry farmers, veterinarians, breeders, poultry experts and other members of poultry fraternity on10th and 15thOctober 2022 respectively.

The event started with a welcome address by Mr. Chitwan Kawatra, General Manager of Ravioza Biotech. In this welcome address, while welcoming the gathering, he briefed about the Ravioza Biotech and said that we are imbibed with professionals, having an aim to contribute in the development of animal health industry by providing latest knowledge, new technologies and world class manufacturing support to its stakeholders and customers to improvise their business output. He further said that Ravioza aims to be partner with nation in providing affordable and choice of animal protein to its youth for building a strong nation.


Mr. Chitwan Kawatra said that the journey of Ravioza Biotech began with his founders who have experience of more than 25 years in poultry industry since 1988. Their objective is to bring forth the best of technologies and services available globally to Indian farmers.  He further added that the feed additives and enzymes are basic feed supplements for poultry industry and to identify and analyze the critical inputs required for implementation of new technologies. Ravioza biotech has envisaged and analyzed the importance of new technologies for poultry industry.

The first speaker to this technical seminar was Dr. Jeetendra Verma, Consultant Addicoo, CZ.  Dr. Verma in his characteristic style, started his presentation by announcing that we should not treat ourselves in poultry industry rather we are in food industry. When we say that we are in food industry, we will have to shoulder a larger responsibility to provide affordable and nutritional foods to human population.

While speaking on his subject ANIMAL GUT HEALTH IMPROVEMENT he said that our food industry is facing a major challenge of uses of Antibiotic in poultry and this is creating lot of nuisance and it is our responsibility to minimize the uses of antibiotic in poultry.


He said that the product FORTIBAC produced by ADDICOO and marketed by Ravioza has a great effect on the gut health of the bird. He said that the product FORTIBAC has a great Microbiological, Immunological and Epithelial effect on animals including poultry birds It reduces FCR and improve the body weight and also decreases mortality and medication cost. He also provided the technical information about product like dosages level during preventive care, High risk of health problem and Health problem on the farms.

Next speaker (in Hyderabad meet) was Dr. Jayaraman Krishnarajan who spoke on the challenges in poultry industry. He said that productivity is a major challenge, although, we have seen that some time we get better productivity and sometime don’t. He said that it is desirable to give better attention to get good productivity. He said that challenges are different in Layer, Broiler and Breeders and as such needed to be tackled differently. To understand, it is better to give attention to challenges, It is tough to experts also to understand the problem.

He said that bird health status must be normal and the disease should be a minimum level. If it is abnormal or disease level is more then we will lose the productivity and performance of the birds. So it is utmost important to regularly observe the health status of the birds and if any thing abnormal is noticed; it must be tackled immediately. Any delay in attending the problem may result in heavy mortality and ultimately economic losses to farmer.

He spoke in detail about the procedure to tackle the challenges.

Before the launch of the product PHYTOGOLD, Dr. Chitwan Kawatra General Manager, RAVIOZA BIOTECH introduced the product and its usefulness in poultry farming.

He said that PHYTOGOLD has four-dimensionalbenefit of poultry that is Antimicrobial effect, Promoting the gut health, Relieving the stress and Immunomodulation. He also informed about the benefit of its effect on immune organs. While talking about the mode of action he also informed the PHYTOGOLD’s supremacy over antibiotic based growth promoters. He also put some data on the results of trials where the use of the PHYTOGOLD showed the better broiler performance and enhanced feed conversion ratio in layers.

At the end of the technical seminar, RAVIOZA Biotech launched their new next generation advanced phytogenic product the PHYTO GOLDin the presence of large number of poultry farmers, veterinarians, breeders, poultry experts.

The seminar and product launch program were concluded with cocktail and dinner.