Ravioza Biotech exhibits in India’s largest Poultry Exhibition

Ravioza Biotech participated in 15th Poultry India Expo organised at Hitex city exhibition hall, Hyderabad from 22nd to 24th Oct, 2023. Ravioza Biotech highlighted its strength during the show.

Ravioza Biotech is a team of professionals with vast and sound experience in poultry industry. With its full coverage in geographical reach, Ravioza is now catering best in class international quality products across the India and Nepal. Ravioza Biotech also emphasised its collaboration with European companies which ensures the high efficacy products to Indian poultry producers. Sales and marketing team welcomed the guestsat the booth and discussed its newly launched innovative solution for sustainability of profits.

Dr Dinesh Arora, MD,Ravioza Biotech, informed that the company is working very aggressively, tooptimise feed cost and to help farmers to improve their efficiency and profitability. Ravioza has recently launched a fewcost-effective, innovative and required solutions like Protezest 72, Toxitreat Plus, Phytogold etc. On this occasion, Dr Dinesh Arora introduced his son Mr Mohit Arora as young entrepreneur, who is managing the sister company Biozene. Biozene is mainly focusingon overseas market and growing exponentially under the leadership of Mr Mohit Arora.

Dr Chitwan Kawatra, GM, Ravioza Biotech, described the conceptual approach to the visiting farmers, stakeholders and opinion leaders to get acquaintedthe product and strategies of Ravioza Biotech. He explained about newly launched Protezest 72 which is a highly effective Thiol Protease and helps in better utilization of protein. Protezest 72 improves GUT health by reducing harmful pathogenic bacterial growth.

The presence of Addicoo representativesMr Bohumír Šimerda& Mr Petr Šafránekfrom Czech Republic and Dr Jeetendra Verma, Market Access Consultant,Addicoowas a cherry on the cake. Ravioza introduced a solution of“Responsible Approach to GUT health”with Fortibac and Fortibac X Energy. Addicoo is basic manufacturer of monoglycerides of fatty acids and have strong research-oriented solutions to improve efficiency, profitability, production and performance bycontrolling GUT pathogens and immunomodulation. Ravioza team got training by Addicoo on GUT health issues in poultry industry and conquering them with the help of Fortibac and Fortibac X Energy.

By overwhelming participation in the show, Ravioza Biotech was centre of attraction for the farmers and conveys a “Note of Thanks” to all the visitors and exhibitors who made the event a grand success. Ravioza Biotech and Biozene wishes all the farmers and entire poultry industry a very successful and profitable year 2024.