Protect your Broilers from Viral Diseases: GADVASU Experts

The winter of 2022-23 is breaking all records. The temperature in most parts of northern India especially Punjab is hovering around zero degree. In this period not only people but livestock and poultry birds are also suffering from cold stress. Speaking on the occasion of monthly seminar of Independent Poultry Association (IPA), Dr Parminder Singh; Professor & coordinator of the meeting disclosed that due to low temperature, birds try to maintain their temperature by consuming more feed, look for corners and huddle together. They reduce their activities and water consumption. Due to stress, their immunity level decrease and various diseases especially viral diseases set in.  

Dr Bhupinder Singh; Professor cum Head Department of Veterinary Pathology delivered a talk on various viral diseases in broilers during winter season. He informed the broiler farmers that viral diseases spread through air, drinking water, poultry droppings, visitor shoes, bird contact, insect and mice etc. He elaborated about various viral diseases of broilers (Avian Encephalomyelitis Avian Leukosis, Fowl Pox, Inclusion Body Hepatitis, Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Bursal Disease). Depression, watery diarrhea, ruffled feathers and dehydration are the various signs of IBD.  The virus destroys the lymph cells within the cloacal bursa, tonsils and spleen. The disease normally affects broilers between 3 to 6 weeks and the onset can be sudden. No specific treatment is available and use of multivitamin and facilitating access to water may help. Antibiotic medication may be indicated if secondary bacterial infection occurs. Vaccination can be given by eye, nostril and water routes between 14 to 21 days.

Dr Parkash Singh Brar; Director of Extension Education talked about various diagnostic facilities the university have for the benefit of farmers. He informed that broiler farmers can bring their birds for post mortem. The Department of Veterinary Pathology regularly conducts these examinations at very minimal charges and subscribe the least medication unlike the private players.      

Dr Nrisingha Das; DGM Zeus Biotech Pvt. Ltd Mysore brefied about his organization. Organomin Forte, Microguard, Polyzyme and Rumiyeast are the the products.  These products are established through numerous domestic and international field and research trials. Mr Sanjay Sharma; President IPA thanked the university authorities for giving the latest inputs and highlighted the plight of broiler farmers at the present scenario. He hoped that new guidelines of GOI regarding contract broiler farming if implemented, may be appropriate for survival of broiler farmers.