Progressive Dairy Farmer’s Association (Regd.) Punjab

PDFA is a pioneer organization, established in the year 1972, working for the overall development of dairy farmers in Punjab and rest of the country through the latest technology being followed in the advance dairy countries. PDFA makes the endeavor through educating and uplifting the standard of dairy farming in India for better farm productivity and profitability for sustainable dairy farming.

PDFA organizes various activities during its annual International Dairy &Agri Expo which Includes competition for cows and buffaloes and the farmers are suitably recognized and awarded for the quality of animals they bring in for the competition. This competition is held with regard to the breed and milking capacity of the dairy animals. PDFA also organizes seminars to train the visiting farmers regarding the best practices in the field of dairying by international experts. This seminar trains the farmers regarding breeding, feeding and management practices to bring about the changes for sustainable farming.

International companies in the field of Dairying and Agriculture exhibit their products and technology for the benefit of the farmers and over one lakh farmers visiting the expo from all over India and some neighboring countries feel highly benefitted by their participation in the expo organized by PDFA every year.