Poultry Federation of India Team interacts with US Soybean Export Council Delegation on Feed and Farming in India & USA followed by visit to Khushboo Feed Mills Pvt Ltd Feed Unit and Farms

On April 21st, 2024, Poultry Federation of India Team and a high level delegation from the United States had a good interactive meeting. The USA delegation comprised of Mr. Lance Rezac, Chairman of USSEC; Mr. Jim Sutter, CEO of USSEC; Mr. Brad Doyle, Board of Director of the American Soybean Association; Mr. Kevin Roepke, Regional Head of USSEC, SAASSA Region; Ms. Rebecca Joniskan, representing the Indiana State Poultry Association; Ms. Gretta Irwin, from the Iowa Turkey Federation and Mr. Jaison John, Country Lead India, USSEC. Later the delegation visited the Khushboo Feed Plant and Commercial Broiler Farm near Gurgaon, where they were warmly welcomed by Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Mr. Rajeev Gupta and Mr. Ashish Gupta at their office.

During the visit, the US delegation expressed their appreciation for the significant expansion and modernization efforts witnessed within the Indian Poultry Industry.

Mr. Ricky Thaper, Treasurer, Poultry Federation of India provided updates on the activities of the Poultry Federation of India and about Indian Poultry Industry and Agricultural Dynamics. Mr. Thaper appreciated the global initiatives of USSEC in collaboration with various stakeholders of the poultry, aqua and livestock industry. In a gesture of gratitude, the US delegation extended their thanks to the Poultry Federation of India Team and Khushboo Feed Mills Pvt. Ltd., for the enriching exposure to the Indian Poultry Industry.

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