Poultry Federation of India AGM at New Delhi

The 32ndAnnual General Meeting of the Poultry Federation of India was held at Hotel Pullman, New Delhi Aero city on Thursday the 23rd December 2021.

Poultry would get total support from the Government of India, whatever is needed for its growth and development promised Sri Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister for Animal Husbandry, Government of India while delivering the Chief Guests message at the 32nd AGM of Poultry Federation of India.

 In his speech, the minister reiterated that whenever the PFI delegates met him in his office, he was assuring the same. Our doors are open for you whenever you tap on your work. Even without work also you are welcome to sit with me and sip your tea on a friendly basis. You had a problem for Soya, we tried and solved it. But it would be better you use your experience of integration in Soya and Maize Crops to tie up with farmers to improve their productivity and acquire their products directly from their farms to help them and help yourself. 

In the end, Shri Purushottam Rupala said that when we had accepted BT Cotton, why not think about other products like Soya and Maize. We seek the assistance of ICAR and in consultation with Agriculture Ministry, may introduce changes and bring new laws also under thumping applause and cheers from the audience.

The Technical program started with a presentation from Mr. Naveen Pasupathy of the Nandu group, Bangalore. He had elaborated on the audience from Hatchery, Feed, Integration to Chicken marketing. The group diversified to ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat segments and proved their success. During covid days, when people were confined to their houses, online orders and app-based business saved the farmers from losses he said. He further said that Nandus had a tie-up with other online food marketing companies and developed their own brand. Setting up cold chain facilities and arrangements with Swiggy, Zomato, etc. helped them to a great extent. 

Dr. Lipi Sairiwal, the second speaker explained about the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Fund set up with Rs.15,000 crores. She briefed that the persons from the industry can avail the funds to set up Hatchery, Feed plants, Breeding Farms, Poultry Farms, etc. The entrepreneurs, she said can avail ColdStorage facility for meat marketing and other channels through this scheme and establish their own businesses.

Dr. SK Dutta, Jt. Commissioner has announced that the Department has been supporting the poultry in several ways and means and contributing to its mite. Recommending the state governments introduce eggs in midday meals schemes, Anganwadi, etc. States like Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Jharkhand are supplying eggs with an intention to improve the health of the beneficiaries as well as boost the industry. He further said that due to this system, attendance also in the institutes was also improved. With these efforts per capita consumption has also gone up to 86 eggs. He said that though we are very much backward in consumption of eggs and yet to reach the recommended levels of 180 eggs per capita by the National Institution of Nutrition, India has reached 3 rd position in world egg production.

He has informed that Entrepreneurs can log into Department’s website and apply online to avail of the facility. He said that these schemes are commenced on 24th June 2020 for all sorts of Animal Husbandry activities and requested the audience to avail the schemes and establish their own businesses.

Mr. Ranpal Dhanda read out the Secretary’s report. He has welcomed the gathering to the 32nd AGM and thanked them for their support. He said that the government has helped the poultry farmers at the time of Avian Influenza to allay the fears of bird flu when the consumption has drastically fallen, and the chicken prices even touched a low of Rs. 10 in certain places. The Govt. also helped the industry to clear the movement of chicken from one place to other helping the industry to boost up through the chicken is not the root cause of covid. But in the initial days, consumers had the false opinion the Secretary has made the announcement from the government side to encourage chicken sales. He thanked the Department of Animal Husbandry for guarding the poultry farmers against the onslaught attacks by the NGOs demanding to ban cage farming. He praised the Government’s bold step in allowing the import of Soya to arrest the steep prices. Mr. Ranpal has also thanked the Union Minister, State Minister, Secretary, Commissioner, and Jt. Commissioner. He thanked all the colleagues of PFI and other Associations like CLFMA, representatives of all leading poultry companies for their unstinted support.

Mr. Balaram Singh Yadav, Managing Director, Godrej Agrovet, addressed on Future challenges of the Poultry Industry. For the last 5 to 6 years poultry farmers are in trouble due to bird flu and later with Covid 19 and now followed by the soya crisis.  Actually, India is in the race from 3rd position to 2nd and 1st. We are growing at 16 to 18per cent. Out of it 60 to 80 is covered under integration. 90 percent live markets and only 10% of chicken go for processing. 

Mr. Bahadur Ali, Managing Director, IB Group thanked the Minister on behalf of the poultry fraternity. He has applauded him for his efforts in convincing the Agriculture Minister, Commerce Minister, and officials for allowing the import of soya to arrest price hike up to 100%. The minister was instrumental in giving a fresh lease of life. The price has come down to Rs.60 from Rs.100/-_ within 3 days of the announcement of import. Now with the ban on futures Trading in soya, confidence was created with the hope that feed prices could be brought down. United campaign with the help of govt. will definitely boost the image of the Industry.