Opening Ceremony of GLOCREST Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd corporate office @ Mumbai.


GLOCREST Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd announced its new corporate office opening in Thane – Mumbai on 22 June 2022. Big thanks to all our valued customers/ consultants/ business partners from all India for spending their valuable time to grace this event. We look forward to much more of such events & support from our valued guests.

Inaugaration of Glocrest Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. – Corporate office @ Mumbai – Dr. Ajit Ranade , Associate Dean , Mumbai Veterinary College , Mumbai . Mr. Rajesh Babu Kaparthy and Dr. Ramdas Kambale.


GLOCREST Team: T. Mathusoothanan, Dr. Ramdas Kambale, Hemendra Sengar , Dr. Mahesh Rajurkar ,  Rajesh Babu,  Nishank Kaparthy , Mrs. Seema Kaparthy, Vaibhav Kadam