NUQO Expands into India: Expert Team and Advanced Technologies

NUQO is pleased to announce the opening of its new affiliate in India, marking a significant milestone for the company. In the last few years, NUQO’s technologies have experienced rapid expansion globally and gained swift recognition in the market in recent years.Headquartered in Europe, NUQO is a feed additives company and a pioneer in developing technologies based on the micro-encapsulation of metabolites from plants and seaweed (phytogenics and phycogenics). The company has established new standards to produce feed additives for animal nutrition, leveraging unique expertise in manufacturing technologies to produce more active, stable, and effective products, along with a broad knowledge of natural extracts & innovative molecules. Its groundbreaking work has been acknowledged over the last few years through participation in various well-known scientific congresses and publications.

In recent years, NUQO has expanded its distribution network globally and established regional hubs, including affiliates in Thailand and, more recently, in Mexico. Today, NUQO is proud to announce the opening of NUQO Animal Nutrition India Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ewenn Helary, CEO of NUQO, views this development as a remarkable achievement:

We are thrilled to launch Nuqo in India, a large yet demanding market. Two key factors enabled this launch: our offering of technologies with exclusive features that create genuine value for customers, and the opportunity to onboard exceptional colleagues. This milestone underscores the merit of our strategic approach and our ability to execute it successfully as a team.” With the launch of Nuqo India, NUQO’s dedicated team in India, led by Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, brings extensive industry experience and local market insights to drive the company’s growth and meet the evolving needs of Indian customers.

With a robust background in the Animal Health and Nutrition industry, Mr. Srivastava has served as Managing Director for major industry players in South & Southeast Asia. He also held the prestigious position of Chairman of CLFMA, a prominent livestock association in India, from 2020 to 2022. In addition, he holds board positions in esteemed industry associations, demonstrating his dedication to industry growth and development. Mr. Srivastava remarked,

Throughout my career, I have cultivated an extensive network and deep market knowledge in India and neighboring countries. I have played pivotal roles in the development of major businesses in animal nutrition within Indian Subcontinent. I strongly believe in the value of Nuqo’s technologies and our team’s capability to deliver these solutions sustainably and effectively to Indian market. Our objective is to address the key needs of the market & our customers, and we believe that NUQO’s science & research based technologies are ideally suited for this purpose.”

In summary, the launch of Nuqo India represents a significant step forward in NUQO’s global expansion efforts, following years of impressive growth. Mr. Guillaume Etave, Global Sales Director of Nuqo, emphasized the importance of this development:

The establishment of this subsidiary enhances our local presence in India, allowing us to better serve our customers in this rapidly growing market and address their specific needs. It also strengthens our capability to form strong strategic partnerships and fully leverage the unique business opportunities presented by this dynamic market. We are delighted to welcome Mr.Srivastava who joins our team to lead this new initiative” Mr. Etave concluded: “This strategic expansion underscores the relevance of Nuqo’s approach, demonstrating NUQO’s ongoing dedication to meeting customer demands worldwide and seizing opportunities in key emerging markets”.

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