Neotle Global Private Limited hosted a series of technical meetings in Zirakpur, Karnal and Jind

Neotle Global Private Limited recently hosted a series of technical meetings in Zirakpur, Karnal and Jind, attracting a distinguished group of industry experts and veterinary consultants. The primary agenda of the meeting centered around the discussion of the company’s innovative solutions Neogut and Expanza, with a particular emphasis on ongoing field trials, their distinctive features, and associated benefits. Neotle proudly introduces gut health enhancer Neogut that contains a natural biopolymer first of its kind in poultry pharmaceutical industry which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties precisely throughout the gut. Their another innovative solution Expanza works as cell tonic that rejuvenates entire body cells. Thereby reducing metabolic stress related mortalities and alleviates stress due to production.

The gathering provided a comprehensive platform for the presentation of Neogutwhich is a unique gut health solution for feed passage syndrome and Expanza the innovative blend for metabolic disorders inspired from human pharmaceuticals. Industry experts and veterinarian consultants actively participated in discussions, sharing valuable insights and experiences related to these innovative and sustainable products. The technical sessions delivered into the methodologies, outcomes and environmental implications offering a holistic understanding of the Neotle solutions.

The technical discussions provided a deep dive into the products mechanisms and applications, showcasing their potential to add value to animal performance and farming practices. The meeting provided a comprehensive platform for professionals to engage in discussions that spanned various facets of Animal Nutrition. Innovation was a key focus throughout the meeting, with participants actively exploring and exchanging ideas on cutting-edge technologies and practices within the Poultry industry

The involvement of veterinary consultants played a pivotal role in evaluating the products impact on Animal health and the environment. Their expertise enriched discussions on the practical applications of Neogut and Expanza in veterinary practices, reinforcing the products potential to support both sustainable agriculture and animal welfare.

Networking opportunities and collaborative forums facilitated the exchange of ideas and the establishment of connections within the industry. The meeting laid the groundwork for potential partnerships and collaborations, emphasizing the role of Neogut and Expanza in Advancing poultry practices.