Narsipur Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction of Company:

Narsipur is a leading manufacturing and exporting company engaged in providing solutions in bio-security for Poultry, Dairy, Aqua and Homecare sectors. Founded in 1989 and ISO 9001: 2015 & GMP certified, Narsipur has become one of the most preferred brands in Bio-security throughout the world. Narsipur is committed to deliver the best of cleaning, hygiene, sanitation, disinfection, and fumigation to millions across the globe. 

Our passion for upgrading and implementing research and cutting edge technology in our products makes us stand apart in the field of prevention and control of diseases. Narsipur aims to provide cost effective microbial control with its synergistically designed and proven formulations.

Disinfection in poultry farming is a critical aspect of biosecurity aimed at preventing the spread of diseases among the flock. Effective disinfection helps eliminate or reduce the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, in the poultry environment. Without proper disinfection, the birds would get infected by diseases, leading to mortality, decrease in weight, and heavy losses to the farmers.

There are many disinfectants and sanitizers based on various molecules such as cationic surfactants, peroxy, chlorine, iodine and aldehyde based compounds etc. While all molecules have some merits, many have demerits like dangerous to handle, low activity, less stability, high cost, foul smell and difficult to transport and if not properly used can cause serious damage and injuries.

Narsipur Chemicals has come up with a unique Triple salt based synergistic disinfectant with all other supporting components in a stable powder presentation, ENCIKON-S. It has chlorine, oxygen releasing compound with organic acids and inorganic buffers with speciality additives and stabilizers. It has a lot of merit over traditionally used disinfectants and sanitizers such as,

  1. 100% active formula
  2. Powder form which is easy to handle and the product is activated when comes in contact with water.
  3. If falls on skin, it does not harm you like dangerous Aldehydic/Phenolic liquid formulations. It must be cleaned with cloth and then wash the hand with plenty of water.
  4. Non-toxic & non-irritant at user dilutions.
  5. Effective against all virus, bacteria & fungi families affecting poultry, livestock, fisheries etc.
  6. High level of surfactancy with acidic and oxidising power provides superior destruction of bio-films.
  7. Highly Versatile – Surface, Equipment, Water and Aerial disinfectant.
  8. Recommended to use even in the presence of birds to reduce cross infection and secondary infection during outbreak of diseases.
  9. Highly effective in presence of organic load.
  10. Biodegradable & eco-friendly.
  11. Can be easily transported via air, water and road.

ENCIKON-S is recommended for use as a water sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant in livestock production. ENCIKON-S delivers 99.99% kill of all disease-causing pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi strains) including Avian Influenza virus with no resistance.


ENCIKON-S oxidizes sulfur bonds in proteins and enzymes thereby disrupting the function of the cell membrane, causing rupturing of the cell wall and total destruction of nucleus of the microorganism.


ENCIKON-S is studied for anti-microbial activity in comparison with the leading market brands. ENCIKON-S is having better performance (Germ Kill 99.99%) on different species and genre of micro organisms in comparison with the Global leading brands of Triple salt based formulation.

It can be seen in the graph, anti microbial efficacy of global leading brands is less than ENCIKON-S for Bacillus cereus and Clostridium Perfringens.

This count is taken 2 min after application of product in form of spray disinfectant.


Scientifically researched and developed specialized triple salt, with high purity sodium chloride and organic acids and inorganic buffers with speciality additives and stabilizers.


Routine water sanitation                     : 1 g / litre of water

Hatchery sanitation                             : 5 g / litre of water foot dip

Terminal disinfection                           : 5 g / litre of water (for 25 sq.ft. Area)

Vehicle wheel dip                                : 5-10 g / litre of water

Aerial spray in presence of birds        : 5 g / litre of water (for 125 sq.ft. Area)


Gloves and goggles should be worn while handling the product. In case of contact, the affected areas must be immediately rinsed with plenty of water.

In severe cases seek medical advice.