Nanovet Nutrition Private Limited organized technical roundtable Series – I

“Resource Management Strategies during tough times” at Hotel Vivaan Resorts, Karnal

Nanovet Nutrition organized technical roundtable Series-I “Resource Management Strategies during Tough Times” at Hotel VIVAAN RESORT in KARNAL on 9th August 2023, The workshop attended by 85 delegates from Northern India. The event was extremely successful, well participated & appreciated by all the stake holders.

The main topic was about the strategies on how producers can optimize their resources in tough times & was relevant to the current Indian poultry market & provided meaningful information about current and future challenges to all the stakeholders. 

The seminar was graced by the Office Bearers of North India Broilers Producers Association (NIBPA): Mr. Bittu Dhanda – Chairman, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta – Vice Chairman. Mr. Charanjeet Singh – President, Mr. Kamal Arora – Treasurer. Mr. Prashant Mahajan – Secretary, Dr Deepak Singh- Secretary, beside all the important broiler breeders& producers from Northern part of India. Nanovet Nutrition would like to thanks to all the office bearer & members of NIBP for their active participation to make this event meaningful & successful.

The session was started by Mr Deepak Solanki, BDM North India with warm welcome to all the delegates. Mr Sanjeev Khanna, Director, Nanovet Nutrition Private Limited further introduced about the Company, the Vision & Mission & the value Nanovet Nutrition is bringing to the producers across South Asia with their innovative & science-based solutions, Mr Sanjeev Khanna discussed about the current challenges faced by Indian poultry Industry, emerging trends in food Industry & the prospects and avenues. He also discussed about how nanotechnology evolved with time and helping the producers.  

The technical session about the topic “Resource Management Strategies during Tough Times” taken by the keynote speaker Dr Uday Patel, he discussed about the strategies to overcome current, future raw material challenges, its impact on cost of production & on overall balance sheet of businesses. He explained the audience about importance of gut health & strategies to overcome that, another major topic was how Indian producers can improve quality of meat to increase the consumption. He discussed all the topics in depth & shared his experiences with help of relevant technical data. All the participants appreciated the knowledge shared by the speaker.

Nanovet Nutrition’s core is technologies & research-based solutions, we are a startup organization & has been setup by a team of experienced professionals from Indian Animal Health Industry. Our programs are focused on disease prevention, gut Integrity, food safety & meat quality, Nanovet Nutrition is also strategically tied up with renowned global players to bring next generation veterinary products to Indian producers at optimum cost to provide best quality and ROI. Nanovet solutions are focused on all the segments of Veterinary Industry including Poultry, Aqua & Dairy.  We not only provide trustworthy solutions but also provides reliable services to our customers like microbiology, nutrition, and farm support. Our team is focused on the development of latest innovative solutions to provide best customers satisfaction.

This event was a good platform for all the stakeholders & give them lot of insight with help of expert and data.