Kudos – PFI and other Poultry Associations

The Poultry Federation of India (PFI) is doing a great job in bridging issues of the farmers with the Government of India. It is a very sensitive and delicate task as it should not be that one benefits of the cost of another question? The hasty generalization will be disastrous for the poultry industry. Not all integrators are fair and not all contract farmers are just in their activities. But for the select few why should the reasonable majority be penalized?

The poultry in India has uniquely grown on its own merit and strength with the least intervention or even support from the government as compared to the Ruminants or Aquaculture. It is the integrators who have taken huge borrowing and large investments with high risks in this volatile Poultry Industry- no one can deny that. The integrators have given opportunities to the poor farmers with only a piece of land and their own labor to earn and make a living!  More often on land unfit for agriculture farming due to infertile soil or no irrigation source on dry land. Integrators have helped stop the migration of poor farmers into the cities which are already overcrowded. Pushing the integrators beyond an extent may Boomerang on the farmers.

What alternatives farmers have is a big question mark in this highly volatile market. Are they capable of going on their own?  The medium and large farmers are getting back to sourcing from compound feed manufacturers because of issues related to quality controls and inventory pressures-so it will be a big challenge to the smaller contract farmers? Let no one is politically motivated into pushing this too far and get a third party involved. Integrators take personal risks in supporting farmers and cannot be forced to unreasonable demands if they feel so.

A good rational understanding will definitely benefit both. Let the industry not divide instead of being united – only vested interests will benefit. There are genuine contract farmers making their livelihood in a just way – they need continued support. All influencers and opinion leaders come together for a common long-term cause.

The platform of PFI is indeed playing a key role but good to see the views and efforts of other federations and associations also display their active participation in this very crucial crossroads of poultry farming. 

Humanity is beyond religion. You don’t have to be religious to be human. Evenan atheist is humane in attitude. Religion also is personal in nature – one can choose to be whatever they desire. Religious politics is not progressive in fact, it is detrimental if thrust upon others. With education the same texts in the holy books with greater and deeper meaning. Higher the illiteracy and ignorance more the religious fervor thrives and grows. They say half knowledge is dangerous and is more applicable to all religions.

Keeping people poor and religious enables better control over society. They will be easily emotionally driven rather than rational. Tolerance is the key- which also translates to freedom. But freedom comes from discipline and not from abuse. Unfortunately in democracy freedom is abused rather than used. Minorities are kings in a democracy as they can get away with abuse.

The  Indian Judiciary has come under the limelight for no good reasons. In a democracy,  the Judiciary is supposed to be the strongest of pillars. Unfortunately, the recent decision of the Supreme Court opinion against a targeted religious comment issue has drawn flak in India and at International levels. The other elite Judiciary community and citizens raised their voices forcing the Judiciary to withdraw its blatant irrational statement. It’s time for the health of democracy that the judicial system from the times of the British Era is revamped and evolved to be conducive to the needs of modern times.

Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan and Shree Krishan Janmashtami. May these special days bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone.