Kemin conducts Predictions on Feed Raw Material Quality and Availability -Webinar

Kemin Agrifoods India team held a webinar on “Predictions on Feed Raw Material Quality and Availability” on March 24th, 2022. More than 400 participants from across South Asia have participated and interacted during this webinar.   

Mr. Sachin Wadhwa, Head-Research Softs at National Commodities Management Services Limited (NCML), and Dr. RC, Regional Director-Technical Services, Kemin were the presenters for this webinar which was hosted by Dr. Prateek Shukla, Product Manager, Kemin and Dr. Partha Das, Head-Technical, Nutrition, Kemin

Mr. Sachin Wadhwa shared his observations on the global and domestic outlook on the major feed raw materials (Maize and Soya). Whereas Dr. RC shared his field experiences over recent quality challenges in feed and competent ways to optimize feed quality and performance in the coming months.

Overall, the webinar answered some of the burning topics;

  • the price and availability dynamics of major feed raw materials like; Maize and Soya
  • the impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war or “La Nina” on the South-Asian feed industry
  • the best possible alternate Raw materials for energy and protein
  • the impact of alternate Raw materials on the quality and performance of commercial poultry

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