Intra Aerosol: Cold-soluble, cool-acting and easy dosing

Intra Aerosol’s innovative formulation saves time and energy

While commercial drinking water-oil based products often require a pre- solution step with warm water before dosing in the drinking lines, Intra Aerosol is enriched with supporting elements making it possible to use it directly even at low water temperatures. There is therefore no need to use warm water

to achieve a homogenous pre-mixture. Although solubility is an important factor in the application of the product in poultry and pig farms, the homogenous dispersion and the behaviour of the product when it requires continuous dosing in either a dosing system or in the bulk water tank is not often discussed.

Nutritional supplements aim to ensure continuous intake of feed additives at supranutritional levels meaning that there is a longer application time. It is therefore important to not only ensure that the product is well soluble, therefore saving time and labour, but it is also equally important to ensure that the product can be used in a practical situation and disperses well in the drinking water to prevent biofilm build-up and the clogging of drinking nipples.

With this knowledge in hand, Intra Aerosol has therefore been optimally formulated to be fully soluble in water and is also very well dispersed in on-farm conditions. The product is immediately solubilized in water upon addition or injection, and is fully homogenous in solution.

If added to a bulk tank, minimal stirring is required and does not require much external energy inputs such as a mechanical mixer. Neither does the product require the use of warm or hot water to be fully solubilized, as this is oftentimes not practical on the farm. Being completely soluble and consistently dispersed in water, it has less risk of encouraging biofilm growth and the risk of drinking nipple blockages is also very much reduced.

Intra Aerosol has long been used in livestock farming not only to help alleviate the severity and duration of respiratory problems, but also to help keep animals cool during thermal challenges. With its highly soluble and homogenous dispersion properties, it helps farmers to:

1.Reduce labour

Intra Aerosol can be directly dosed to the drinking system and doesn’t require warm water and/or a pre-solution step. This valuable time can then be used by the farmer for other important management practices

2. Equal distribution in the drinking water and reaches all animals in the house equally

Homogeneity and uniformity of the flock is an important factor for producers. Therefore, it is equally important that supplementation is also homogenous and uniformly dispersed in the drinking water, reducing the risks of stragglers and non- uniform growth.

3. High quality, well soluble and stable in solution to prevent biofilm

Intra Aerosol is not only well soluble but should also stay stable in solution. This not only helps to prevent biofilm formation, and the animals consume a continuous, consistent dose thus reducing risks of taste-aversion and decrease in water consumption.

Figure 1: left- Intra Aerosol dispersed fully in water (20°C), right – competitor product with obvious clump forming after dosing in water (20°C)

A lab-scale comparison was conducted to determine the solubility and dispersion aspects of Intra Aerosol in room temperature water of 20°C. Intra Aerosol and competitor products were dropped into tap water at the advised dosages according to the labels. It was observed that Intra Aerosol had perfect dispersion and did not form clumps or sediments when compared to other competitor products. Even gentle stirring did not manage to completely break the clumps of competitor products and in a drinking line. This could surely lead to nipple blockage and uneven dosing causing an eventual headache for the farmer.

In conclusion, it is important for a drinking-water based nutritional solution to not only be functional, but also have well soluble properties with good homogenous dispersal at farm conditions. Visit our website to watch the full video of the lab-scale comparison of the solubility and dispersion of Intra Aerosol and a competitor product.

Intra Aerosol: respiratory relief to refresh, reduce, recover

Intra Aerosol contains an exceptional high concentration of natural eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and menthol crystals. With its unique blend of essential oils Intra Aerosol provides comfort and helps to ease breathing during these challenging periods and has an additional cooling effect, that provides thermal comfort during heat stress. The respiratory system is essential to the animal’s performance. In times of respiratory distress and discomfort, animals spend less time eating and drinking. Intra Aerosol is important not only for oxygen transport, but also for removal of metabolic waste and by-products. Due to its highly efficient nature and exposure to the external environment, it is easily susceptible to a range of diseases and problems which can insidiously affect the genetic potential of performance livestock.