Interview with Dr. Manish Kumar Singh, Regional Director– South Central Asia NOVUS

Dr. Manish Kumar Singh

Q. Could you share your vision for Novus in the South-Central Asia region? What are your primary goals and objectives in this role?

A. My vision for NOVUS in South Central Asia is that we enable animal producers to get the maximum potential from their operations through our intelligent nutrition solutions and forging a sustainable partnership with them to create a win-win situation for our customers and our company.

South Central Asia represents a huge growth opportunity for NOVUS in Asia. My top priority in this role is fostering a collaborative work environment across my teams, building a culture adhering to NOVUS’ core values and establishing us as a trusted partner for all our customers and stakeholders.

Q. How do you perceive the current landscape of the poultry and dairy industries in South Central Asia? What are the major challenges and opportunities you foresee?

A. In South Asian countries protein consumption is still far behind the global average and, due to the rising population and disposable income, that gap should be filled. Both poultry and dairy industries are likely to grow at a steady growth of 8-10%, however rising feed cost remains a major challenge for producers. There are significant opportunities for the industry in milk and meat processing and exports. To be export competitive there is still some work to be done on cost efficiency, processing, compliance, and policy support from the government.   

Q. Novus is known for its innovative solutions in animal nutrition. Can you elaborate on how Novus plans to address the feed cost concerns of producers and optimize animal performance in the region?

A. Feed cost is a top concern for producers in South Central Asia. We can help optimize feed costs and affect the impact of anti-nutritional factors through our knowledge of feedstuffs along with our CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additive. We have been continuously strengthening our technical and research capabilities in enzyme applications in various animal diets. NOVUS also has developed a detection method for anti-nutritional factors like trypsin inhibitor through near-infrared (NIR) technology.  

Q. You mentioned the expansion of Novus’ dairy team in India. What specific strategies do you plan to implement to reach more customers and introduce innovative solutions in the dairy market?

A. Currently India’s milk production is 220 MMT with 22% global share. The government’s ambition is to reach 330 MMT by 2033-34 with 33% share of global milk production. More than 80% of the milk in India is produced through an unorganized sector and less than 10% of animals are fed compound feed. This presents a huge opportunity for growth in the compound feed sector. Our strategy is to bring our global expertise in nutrition and farm management and work with educational institutions, co-operatives, milk processors, and organized feed producers to help increase farm profitability, efficiency, and sustainability. With our intelligent nutrition solutions, we are working with dairy producers in India to help them become more efficient and profitable by strategically managing feed costs and optimizing milk yield and components. Our solutions, backed by our technical capabilities and research, are also shown to help improve reproductive performance, support structural health, and reduce incidents of mastitis and somatic cell counts.         

Q. With your background in strategic marketing and technical services, how do you plan to leverage your expertise to enhance Novus’ market presence and customer engagement in South Central Asia?

A. Integrated choices of ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ are crucial for customer engagement. Selecting the right customers and serving them with tailor-made strategies based on their specific pain points is key to our strategy. Our how-to-win strategy is based on differentiation and a solution-driven approach where we can make the biggest impact. 

Q. Lastly, what excites you the most about leading Novus’ operations in South Central Asia, and what do you hope to achieve during your tenure in this role?

A. I am excited by the growth opportunities that South Central Asia presents for our business, both in the poultry and dairy segments. The upcoming years are going to be transformative for the industry that is witnessing many trends like consolidation, increases in processing, a focus on branding, an increase in online delivery along with improvement in production efficiency. The NOVUS team wants to partner with our customers and stakeholders in their transformational journey and make their business more profitable and sustainable with our integrated approach of science-backed technologies and intelligent nutrition solutions. We will maintain our stronghold in the specialty segments of organic trace minerals and enzymes and strengthen our presence in eubiotic products that we see as a major growth opportunity. As production trends in animal husbandry move towards antibiotic-free in South Asian countries, eubiotics are going to play a very important role in maintaining farm efficiency without the use of antibiotics.

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  1. Dr Manish is a very good & truthful person. I am agree with what he said about industrial transportation is absolutely correct.

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