Indian Poultry Industry Faces Certain Problems – Wrong and Misleading Information

Dr. S.K. Maini

GM (Technical) Vesper Group, Bengaluru.

Several articles, TV talk shows, Technical Programs, Seminars and during Meetings, fraudulent, manipulated, wrong and misleading information is given out to set narratives, like these are the best products, technologies  and personnel available, to guide you properly to take advantage of the situation beneficial for you.  Very few people speak the truth or give correct information, be it the politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, scientist, professors or the pharma companies. 

Very few people have discussed issues like the one’s mentioned below, trying to bring the truth to the public. Even the Pfizer’s Covid vaccine data was manipulated and published, fooling the public in several countries. Please listen to talks given by Dr B.M.Hegdeavailable on  YouTube, and talks of other speakers with respect to various bogus subjects.

Pharma Companies are hand in glove with the concerned Regulatory Bodies, the Politicians, the Scientist and Researchers, and the Marketing and Distribution firms to cheat the public and make millions of rupees, eventually to share among themselves. This has happened for the Human Medical Industry for a long time and is now happening for the Livestock, Veterinary and Poultry fields as well.

Indian Poultry Industry is no exception,  farmers big and small, educated and uneducated, have been repeatedly fooled by the Pharma Companies, their Distributor’s, both directly and indirectly, since decades. The poor farmers end up paying through their nose, loose heavely, birds and their performance suffer’s.

Other Scams presently  happening in the Poultry Industry are the  Eggs price fixation Scam, Broiler and Cull birds rate fixing Scam,  Chicken and Eggs Traders  Scam, Country Chicken Scam, Naatu Kodi Scam, Desi Bird, Country Chicken Eggs Scam, Colored Birds Scam, Pure Sonali, Rural Poultry Scam, Organic Chicken and Eggs Scam, Nutritionally Enrished Eggs Scam, then there is the Poultry fodder Scam, Maize procurement Scam, Use of Alternate Feed Ingredients (Waste of ther Industries) Scam etc.

Looks like these Scamsters carry a dominant gene for Scams, and all those who make money ( their supportes, pimps and propogaters) along with these Scamsters carry a resessive gene for Scams, that needs to identified and suitable action taken, or else these Scams will ruin the Industry as it did for the Rabbits Breeding, Emu’s and Ostriches farming, plums, azola farming, teak and other Scams.

Except the Poultry farmers, both the egg producers and broiler growers, every one else makes money in this industry. Farmers continue to loose heavely year after year, no one really understands where things go wrong and what are its solutions.

Farmers are also fooled by showing the weather clouds,  expectedrainfall for good harvest, import of maize and other ingredients, changing, inefficient and irresponsible  Govt. policies and no one to look into the real problems of the poultry indusrty.

I sincerely request all those concerned, in the Govt and the Indusrty, to come forward to identify and look into the real problems and solve them one by one, before it is too late and becomes difficult to control. Scamsters of alltypes be identified and blacklisted, all farms in the country be registered and movement of birds, eggs etc be monitered and regulated, this will solve the problems of poultry ensure more employment, generate profits for the farmers and keep the scamsters out of the scene.