Indian broiler production: A way into the future

Leading experts from the Indian broiler industry discussed promising innovations and the future of production at an expert seminar on »Phytogenics in broilers — your better alternative for more profit«. The event was hosted by German additive company Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition and took place in the course of Poultry India at Hyderabad.

Dr Chandrasekar Seenivasan, recently appointed Sales Manager Phytogenics South Asia at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition, welcomed the guests to the event held at the Trident Hotel, Hyderabad. Afterwards, Dr Bernhard Eckel elaborated on pioneering animal nutrition and the optimal support in poultry nutrition. The Vice President of Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition particularly emphasised the increasing importance of phytogenic additives for successful animal nutrition: »If we want to successfully meet the growing demand for high-quality proteins, phytogenics are our most important ally«, Dr Eckel emphasised. After all, they are the only way to meet profitable animal production with animal health and resource responsibility in the face of the challenges posed by climate change and antibiotic resistances.

»It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to discuss our vision for the future here. I am impressed and delighted by the commitment of broiler producers in India to produce sustainable and safe food,« says Bernhard Eckel.The evening culminated in a dinner and cocktail hour at the hotel’s restaurant. Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition thanks all participants and contributors for the successful event.