Grasim Industries Ltd. organises Consultant Technical Meet

Grasim Industries Limited, the flagship company of USD 48.3 billion Aditya Birla Group, made a foray in the Poultry Feed industry through ProsodiumTM – a superior source of sodium for poultry diets.

A Consultant Technical Meet was organised on 23rd February 2022 at the Vivaan Hotel & Resorts, Karnal. The meet attracted prominent consultants from Punjab & Haryana.

Addressing the participants. Mr. Chirag Cheema, Chemical VAP Sales Head, welcomed all and gave a brief introduction about the company and the product. He highlighted that ProsodiumTM  is a new chlorine free and cost effective alternative for Feed Manufacturers and Poultry farmers who till now were constrained to use only Salt or Sodium Bicarbonate to meet the sodium requirement of birds. Mr Cheema explained that ProsodiumTM is absolutely safe for Poultry birds as it specially engineered to ensure that it is free from presence of heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Chromium etc.

Thereafter, Dr Rakesh Sikri, (Consultant) delivered the technical presentation on ProsodiumTM.

Sharing live field trial data on product performance at various dosages of ProsodiumTM , Dr. Sikri stated that ProsodiumTM has 32% Sodium in it as compared to 27% available from Sodium Bicarbonate. This makes ProsodiumTM a superior choice for:

  1. Maintaining optimum Dietary Electrolyte Balance (DEB)
  2. Decreased acid binding effect, leading to increased protein digestion
  3. Reduced litter pH and ammonia emissions
  4. Optimal bird growth & performance leading to improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) & European Efficiency Factor (EEF)

Some of the prestigious clients of ProsodiumTM include Suguna Foods, Sneha Poulty Feed, Premium Chick Feeds, SKM Feeds and Sampoorna Feeds.

Manufactured in 4 locations across India, ProsodiumTM is available with dealers at all the prominent poultry hubs of India.

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