Who is the real culprit behind the food crisis globally? If we are to believe the statements by the Americans and the European nations- it is India that after announcing wheat supplies to the world initially and later putting up a ban on exports of wheat. The Germans in Europe were the first to go all-out offensive against India, without even reading and understanding the further conditions for such a decision. India in order to avoid hoarding and speculation- took a decision to offer wheat only on government to government basis; this was to avoid private institutions stocking and trading at speculative prices- this is rational. One fails to understand how can the West jump to conclusions with their predetermined ideas and prejudiced views about India.

If one is to do the root cause analysis of this global food crisis, it’s not wrong to say that NATO and the Americans combined are responsible. Russia’s one of the main conditions warned that Ukraine does not join NATO and the situation could have been different. The Americans and the NATO let down Ukraine by giving them false promises but ultimately leaving them high and dry. The whole strategy and attitude of the NATO and the West are so myopic that it is amusing. Russia and Ukraine are the major sources of critical energy either in the form of gas or petroleum oil or in the form of wheat, sunflower oil, corn, etc which have been completely destroyed now. Europe and several other countries,  heavily dependent on the Russians and the Ukrainians for which they hardly have any alternative, so what gives them the wisdom to destroy their very source with now an inevitable suicidal situation. A disturbed Russia and Ukraine have led to the break and collapse of all grains and oils that has affected common poultry and livestock farmers too by skyrocketing prices due to peak demand while the supplies are choked. 

Pakistan to soon follow the Sri Lankan syndrome. The common factor is a heavy infrastructural loan from China which have no direct contribution immediately to its growth but is only an assured death trap. It’s indeed sad that the political leaders take the decision which is purely in their own self vested interest and bring the whole nation and common people to their knees. Unless people are somehow connected and involved in the major decision-making of their leadership, such exploitation will continue to happen- sadly!

In terms of numbers the prices of chicken and eggs are better but in no way a consolation- the demand and supply have led to this and higher mortality and lower chicken supply has had their influence on the prices. There is no control over the placement of parents or the production of the day-old chicks. The high prices for the day-old chick, the previous year have led to mushrooming of breeder placements and are now saddled with an excess supply of the day-old chicks bringing the prices down. The poultry industry is cursed to be at the mercy of the demand and supply in the market with no hope to see a more organized production, it’s planned in order to avoid such vagaries.

The idea of Global Village is meaningful only in times of Peace; if Ukraine’s president has a strong desire to join NATO even if it angers Russia; risks NATO with false commitment or asks their civilians to die by arming them with doled out weapons to be sitting duck against the worlds professional army- it hardly matters. The Ego wars of NATO and Ukraine; Russia and the US & West combined have brought an adverse impact on the common man in the remotest village of the globe with food shortage. Ukraine is foolish that these wars are being played at the very existence of Ukraine on this map. The peace-loving people of Ukraine are the direct innocent victims.

For any country – Atmanirbhar is inescapable – be it food grains, vaccines, defense, or else it is not long before they would crumble like a pack of cards.